18 February 2017

some recent finishes

Wow, it has been a busy couple of weeks.  I am editing and testing patterns for others plus trying to work my way through all my works in progress. Then throw in some awesome thrift shopping and I can see how time gets away from me. 

I picked up a baby changing table at the op shop and converted it into an awesome cutting table. No more aching back.

I completed three mini quilts that have been sitting around for a while, one I turned into a pillow for my sewing chair. Love quick projects.

I even managed to get one of my first quarter finish along goals completed. 

I used some scraps from a pattern test and created this great Tula improv piece. So bright.

I pulled this pair of sleeping pants that I made last year from the back of the closet, as they got stuffed to the back since they turned out to small but I just could not toss them out as I love the IKEA print.  Good thing I did that as now I fit into them.  Even got to remove my attempt to make them fit. What a happy dance for sure. :) 

I got the best Valentines gift for a quilter. A new sewing machine. So fast and great stitches.

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22 January 2017

Making Progress

This week I have been making progress on my word quilt.  Hope to start piecing the top this week.  Only 11 more letters to do.  

I am half way done with my first customer quilt of the year. The quilting is hard to see in the picture but I will try for a better picture when it is finished. 

I ended up adding onto my Dove in the daylight quilt.  It is a nice 47" now. Another to add to the quilting pile. 

I have been a bit distracted this week too or maybe that is every week but my husband finally upgraded my technology. Setting everything back up is such a pain.  I have been playing with new apps and seeing what ones I could incorporate into my quilting.  I think I might of found a keeper.  I made these designs in an app called Assembly.  I think they could make interesting quilts and great little break from the sewing machine from time to time. 

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15 January 2017

Busy Week

This week has been lots of starts but no finishes but that is ok. Half the battle is starting sometimes.  I think showing more then just the finished product is important to the process of being creative. 

I have started on a new quit for my oldest son. This involves 49 paper piece letters so it is taking a bit of time plus I had to down size my original pattern as I made it some crazy size that I would not be able to load on my long arm. 

I really love how it is looking. The final phrase will be "When you fall asleep spiders rub their willies on you".  Perfect for a 13 year old boy for sure. He laughs every time he walks past the design wall.  Still need to find a paper piece spider to add but plenty of time for that. 

While cutting fabric for this quilt there are lots of little triangle bits left over so some of these fabrics will show up in a few other quilts. Here is one of the quilts that I am doing just from some triangles that I ended up with.  It will be fun coming up with a quilting design for this. 

I also managed to whip up my January do. Good Stitches blocks before the end of the month for a change.  Nice easy block and loving the black and white. 

I took some of my 5" squares that I cut up from the scrap bin and made a giant Doves in Daylight block.  My block is 30 1/2".  I am so in love with how this turned out. I am going to add to so it finishes up at a good size a baby quilt. Hopefully will be for sale in my shop in the next few months.

To finish the week off I finally got a start on my customer quilt.  Such a pretty quilt hope my quilting adds to it. The quilting is really hard to see since I am using white thread but I do believe it will turn into beautiful texture once it is finished and washed. 

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09 January 2017

2017 Finish A Long - Quarter 1 Projects

In an effort to get things completed this year I have decided to join back in on the Finish-A-Long.  I have participated in this in the past and it really helped me get projects ticked off.  I am going to use this prompt to get my quilt tops quilted and bound so by 2018 I can have a clean slate. (hopefully)

For the first quarter I will quilt and bind the following quilts. 

1. Pink and Blue Improv - This one is going to be donated to the Children's Hospital so I really want to get it done in the first quarter. 

2. High Tea - This was a pattern test for Adrianne @On The Windy Side

3. Faster Fourteen - Pattern test for Sam @Hunter's Design Studios

Well that should do for the first quarter I think.



08 January 2017

Let's get this year started

2017 is going to be a great year.  I am going to push myself to actually blog more.  I am thinking once a week should be doable. But I guess we will see. My first finish of the year is a thrift shop find makeover. 

I picked up both of these foam foot stools for $8 each, huge bargain. I did do a quick smell check to make sure no one peed on them which is so gross.  I removed the covers and washed them and set the foam cubes out in the sun for a few days.  The zippers broke when I washed the covers so I just cut that portion off.  I wanted to keep the original covers on to be able to protect the foam as it does crumble a bit when handled.  

I stitched the original cover to the foam to hold it in place so my new covers can slip on and if need be they can easily slip off and be washed. 

I used linen from IKEA. I cut squares out a bit bigger then the size of the top of the stool and quilted them free motion.  I wanted the tops to be quilted to add stability to the linen since it is a bit of a loose weave. I piece that I wrapped around the sides I put a hem on the bottom to tidy it up. 

I really like how they turned out. 

Since the kids are on school holidays it always seems to be prime cleaning and organising time. Which is always a great way to start the new year.  Took a boot load of clothes to the op shop last week so I feel like we are starting on the year out right.  This year we did not move so I have a lot of time on my hands. Amazing the time you gain when you are not busy packing everything in boxes. My fabric shelves were looking a bit like disorganised so I tidied up and now it is much better.  



It looks like I used a lot of fabric now. Which is good. I think I have only added around $100 of fabric to my stash last year so it is nice that I am making a dent in my stash. Luckily fabric in Australia is crazy priced so that makes me think twice about all my purchases. 

The new year also has me starting to tame my over flowing scrap bins (again).  The stuff that is to small for my purposes (smaller then 1.5" square) I will be using to fill some floor pillows as everyone likes to lay on the floor to watch TV.  I will be sad to see my scraps go but maybe some orphan scraps will end up on my door again this year. You never know.  You know Abby's Scrap Orphanage never turns a scrap away. :)

I have also gotten a start on cleaning up my scraps since I could not get some of the bins closed. I am cutting some up into squares and strips. I am planning a few scrappy quilts to be able to donate to the local children's hospital for the older kids who find themselves in hospital. 

Speaking of quilts for kids, I finished up a scrappy quilt (first of the year) that I started last year and it happens to be just the right size for the requirements for the hospital. I hope the kids will like it. I think it is interesting and fun. This one will be quilted after I finish a customer quilt. 

In the clean up I also found some Christmas fabric that had fallen behind some other fabric. So I whipped it up into a backing for my Joval Christmas quilt top I finished a few months ago. 

I am really hoping for a year of creating things that make me happy and maybe find my own style and experiment a bit more. 

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31 December 2016

And there goes 2016

December has been a crazy month with another school year ending and trying to finish up projects so I can start the new year with some fresh projects to get my creative juices flowing again.  With the end of a school year comes with teacher gifts. The Noodlehead Poolside Tote seemed like a great gift for a busy teacher to tote all her school stuff around.  This is a reduced size to the original but I find it such a useful size.  

A customer asked if I could make some pouches for her work colleagues since it has been awhile I had to whip a couple up to see how much time they took.  I whipped up the small pouch and with the extra cut of fabric I made a tiny tall pouch. I am thinking I might give my Etsy shop another go in the new year to see how it goes.  Maybe 2017 will work out better for me. Pouches and totes might be items that would sell better then quilts. 

Here are the four Noodlehead Wide Mouth Pouches I made for my customer.  I think these fabric worked out really well. Such a great pattern to make. 

All the rage all over the Internet this month has been Folded Fabric Stars. So I had to give it a go. It was easy enough but boy such a waste of fabric.  It took almost a fat quarter to make just one star. I think paper will be a much better option. It is cute.

I finished up quilting my 2014 Round Robin quilt. I did not have a plan for this quilt just tried to repeat different elements found in the quilt.

I found this great outdoor seating at the thrift shop this month for a bargain price of $90. I wanted to do a quick recover since the kids said it was very 'grandmaish".  I also wanted to make it easy to remove to wash since the dogs will want to lounge on it too.  Two twin size sheets from IKEA and safety pins did the trick.   

I finally got my new tree skirt finished. Missed this Christmas but next Christmas I am all set. It looks very modern and bright.  Goes great with my slim white Christmas Tree.  This is raw edge applique, next time I think I will just quilt the background and then do the applique it will help the project move quicker. Not sure why I did not think of it in the first place. 
When I load quilts up I try to do little projects on the sides to be able to have less waste of the backing fabric. Here are a few that I came up with just using scraps that I   did not put away yet. 

This one is 10"  x 8", raw edge applique. 

This table runner is 9" x 27", raw edge applique.

Here is a little scrap project that I made a month ago.  It is 6 1/2" x 14".  I added it to my mini quilt wall. 

This one is 9 1/2" x 8 1/2". Raw edge applique.  

I am so grateful that I get to stay home and take care of my family and create.  It is what makes me happiest. 

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07 December 2016

Where did November go...

it feels like I have lost a whole month. My kids have one week left of school year and I guess I have been fully focused on sewing the last month that I lost track of time. 

I finished two customer quilts this month. This beautiful rainbow quilt and a fun boy quilt. 

Made a couple mini quilts for a few sewing friends birthdays.  This one is a pattern called On the Spot by Diane From Blank Pages.  

This little mini I went to the scrap bin to create. I made some nine patches and then cut them up to make the outer boarder. Love the tiny little squares and you can't go wrong with a wonky star.  I do really love coming up with my own creations. 

I finished my improv chasing geese project. I really love how the quilting turned out. 

My sewing area got a bit of a cheer up this month too. I used an IKEA print from my stash and recovered my iron board and made a new cover for my sewing chair. So much nicer.  The iron board was covered in glue now my area looks so bright and clean. 

I did a clean up of my project bins and pulled a few things out that I was just not loving and make a list of the tops I need to quilt and projects that I have started. This little improv project was at the bottom so I decided to just take a bit of time and finish it off. Did not really have a plan with this one just started sewing and cutting and this was the end result. I had other plans originally for this one but I felt it was time to move on. 

I finally finished piecing this improv piece this month.  This one has been a work in progress for a few months.  All the fabric is off cuts from another quilt that I pattern tested last year (still waiting for it to be released so I can show off). I am so excited that I was able to make the scraps into a fun projects. I really love the little snips of colour reminds me of Christmas lights.

I have tested a few patterns for other quilters this month. This one was published last week.  It is called Divergence by Crafty Ma and you can purchase it on Craftsy

No wonder I lost track of November. 

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