10 July 2016

Countdown to Christmas Quilt Complete

I finished another quilt this week.  This is one of only two kits I have ever purchased but I love the fabric.  Funny enough the other kit is a christmas quilt too.  I pieced this back in December and finally had a chance to quilt and bind it this month.  

I did very simple quilting on this one which is a first for me.  Overlapping peaks in the middle section, cute row of presents in the black boarder and free hand trees in the outer boarder.  

I also made myself a Girlfriend Wallet. 

I picked up a glass water bottle this week and wanted to make a sleeve for it just in case I drop it.  Don't want to spend hours picking glass up.  I have been keeping some of my little practice quilting pieces and they were perfect for constructing a sleeve to protect the bottle. Such an easy project. 

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06 July 2016

Zodiac BOM - Gemini block

I completed the Gemini Block last week.  I am up to date so I am feeling really good about this quilt. 

The blocks look amazing together even with the one block having a placement issue.

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03 July 2016

Lucky Stars 2013 Quilt Complete

This one has been done for a few weeks but I keep forgetting to get pictures taken. I love how this turned out. I used double blend batting so this is a very heavy quilt. It measures approx. 67" square.

 It is hard to see the quilting in the main picture so here are some close ups. 

 I pieced the backing with left over fabric from front and even had enough left to be able to make scrappy binding.

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29 June 2016

Lucky Stars Block 2014 - Work in progress

I am slowing working my way through all of my WIP.  I have managed to get three of my blocks for 2014 Lucky Stars Blocks complete.  I finished May, June and July. 

This is all that I have made so far.  Six more blocks to go and I have them pieces cut and ready to stitch. 

I also am working on a scrappy Christmas tree skirt.

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21 June 2016

I have been busy

I have been sewing up a storm.  

I completed my Taurus Zodiac Block for the Zodiac BOM, this quilt is going to look amazing. 

I made a table cloth for my Aunt in Indiana. This was such a challenge but I love how it turned out.  It is 54" x 104".  

I made a Girlfriend Wallet for my mom for her birthday.  The Girlfriend Wallet is a great easy pattern.  I found the cute little Koala charm for the zipper pull in my button box. Not sure where it came from.   

I did a improv block of my neighbourhood. Brisbane does not seem to have straight roads so this as to the challenge of the project.  Not sure what I am going to do with it.  Maybe explore map quilts in the future.  

I did a bit of a clean up of my scraps and had all these pieces left from a quilt I took of the frame. I will share that later, I still need to take pictures.  Well I felt like these just needed to become something.  I made a small wall hanging improv so awesome and need to figure out how to quilt it.  

I have really been feeling in the improv mood lately. I have several improv projects on the go right now.  I find I work on them for a while and then need to let them sit and think how or if I want to continue with them.  This one I made with snip its from a secret quilt and I love the little pops of triangle love. I think this will continue to grow there is still half a bag of little bits to use up. 

I think I might have a big issue with focus.  Thank you for stopping by and visiting. 


13 May 2016

Luxie Lunch Bag

I went to the Craft and Stitches show in Brisbane back in March to help my friend with her booth.  We happened to be right across from Voodoo Rabbits booth and she had lots of Emmaline Bags patterns and hardware.  Really sitting at a craft show all day is not usually good for your pocket book but I have to say I was very good and did not spend to much; which my pocket book and my husband were thankful for.  

The Luxie -Lunch Bag and hardware came home with me and I did cut out all the pieces out in April. Just did not take the time to piece it together but I love how it turned out.  It is huge.  Mind you I eat lunch at home but if I ever do need to take a lunch some where I will be all set. 

I used a Joel Dewberry deco print and Essex Linen for the outside with some shot cotton for the piping.  The inside is plastic coated fabric.  

This pattern is very well written and very easy to follow. The pattern suggest a walking foot but my little machine does not have a walking foot so I did manage with a normal foot just went slow.  

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09 May 2016


I picked up this duvet cover at Kmart a few months back on clearance. I love the hexagons and colours to much to pass up.  But the thought of wrestling it on a duvet would make me use it as a summer blanket instead of a quilt.  So I had this thought that what if I removed the stitches from the duvet cover and loaded it on the long arm like I would a pieced quilt using the duvet insert as the batting instead of normal batting. The duvet insert is high loft and I did not want to loose any of the fullness but wanted to make the hexes pop. I think I achieved that.
It was a bit tricky using a duvet insert and keeping it flat but that was mostly the edges as the one I used was one we already had in the cupboard and it has been used and washed a few dozen times. A assume a new one might be a bit easier to get the edges all flat and straight.   I did not find any other troubles with doing a quilt in this fashion beside the little issue my machine gives me but only I would even notice the stitch size changes.  

I did loose a bit of size but that is to be expected. This finished in at 73" x 74" but I had not washed it yet.  I did prewash the duvet cover since the duvet insert had been washed.  The binding is small white dots on black background. 

The texture on the back is wonderful. 

This is a low cost quilt the duvet cover cost A$15 and the insert was A$10.  This was a great way to have a play with some quilting to see how I could add to the print without all the work of having to piece the top. 

I will have to go have a look at the clearance bin next time I am in the shops and see if there are any other lovely covers to turn into quilts. 

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