07 December 2016

Where did November go...

it feels like I have lost a whole month. My kids have one week left of school year and I guess I have been fully focused on sewing the last month that I lost track of time. 

I finished two customer quilts this month. This beautiful rainbow quilt and a fun boy quilt. 

Made a couple mini quilts for a few sewing friends birthdays.  This one is a pattern called On the Spot by Diane From Blank Pages.  

This little mini I went to the scrap bin to create. I made some nine patches and then cut them up to make the outer boarder. Love the tiny little squares and you can't go wrong with a wonky star.  I do really love coming up with my own creations. 

I finished my improv chasing geese project. I really love how the quilting turned out. 

My sewing area got a bit of a cheer up this month too. I used an IKEA print from my stash and recovered my iron board and made a new cover for my sewing chair. So much nicer.  The iron board was covered in glue now my area looks so bright and clean. 

I did a clean up of my project bins and pulled a few things out that I was just not loving and make a list of the tops I need to quilt and projects that I have started. This little improv project was at the bottom so I decided to just take a bit of time and finish it off. Did not really have a plan with this one just started sewing and cutting and this was the end result. I had other plans originally for this one but I felt it was time to move on. 

I finally finished piecing this improv piece this month.  This one has been a work in progress for a few months.  All the fabric is off cuts from another quilt that I pattern tested last year (still waiting for it to be released so I can show off). I am so excited that I was able to make the scraps into a fun projects. I really love the little snips of colour reminds me of Christmas lights.

I have tested a few patterns for other quilters this month. This one was published last week.  It is called Divergence by Crafty Ma and you can purchase it on Craftsy

No wonder I lost track of November. 

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19 October 2016

Stitches are still flowing.

Wow I am so slack.  I just realised that I have not blogged for a while (over a month).  Instagram is just so easy to share on and I am not good with words.  

In July I participated in the Crosscut Quilt Along by Debbie @A Quilter's Table. Then I went and decided it would make a great gift for my friend Heather. So I was not able to share till it was gifted.  It is so hard for me not to share my projects. Debbie's tutorial is awesome and the results are so striking and unique. 

In August I made this little improv piece for my friend.  I think this might be my first project that is all solid fabric. I used Essex linen for the background and really love it. It is so bright and cherry. 

I love when I can load a small project on the long arm. I like to load a big piece of backing so I can also get a few of my other small projects quilted. Last month I managed to get four of them done. 

Last month we had a school holiday and this always seems like a good time to sort and take care of my scraps. But that usually results in me making a few randoms. The orange and grey one I am not 100% in love with but maybe I will just add more to it and it will become better. Maybe. 

This one was a block that I just did not love so I sliced it back up and came up with this little mini. 

I finished piecing two quilts over the last few months. The first one was my 2014 Lucky Stars Block of the month.  It is my layout and is really big that I could not find a good way to get a full shot of it except for laying it on the dirty driveway.  I even used the extra fabric to make a pieced back.  

The second quilt that I pieced was my modern disappearing 9-patch quilt I started back at the beginning of August when I was on retreat.  It's a Christmas quilt but I love that it is not the traditional green and red. My friends say it reminds them of black opals. 

August I completed my first customer quilt. All custom work. I was so nervous but I think it turned out beautifully when I relaxed a bit. 

I have been working on a quilt for Mister 13 and finally came up with a design.  Pulled the fabric and just need to work how to pull it all together. It is a bit cheeky but we have a weird sense of humour so I love it. 

I will be piecing the letters. I was going to do improv but I think it will take me to long. So I will be using paper piece letters from Diane @From Blank Pages.  I printed off a few letters to practise and they are so easy to put together. 

The word 'HUMAN" has been on my mind a lot lately. It seems to be a word that so many are forgetting especially with an election in the USA.  So many unnecessary labels are being used. We all have the same basic needs and most of all we want to be heard and not pandered too.  Till we think of everyone as human not as a colour, religion or where we are born nothing will change.  I have a bit of a project idea to use this simple word but not sure it will come to fruition. 

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31 August 2016

Little Wishes Quilt Complete

I finished quilting another quilt top that I created last year.  Little Wishes was a scrap challenge by Pat Sloan

I went all in and created a whole quilt including a scrappy backing. 

It is 61" square and is double batting.

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29 August 2016

Mini Quilts Galore

August has been a busy month of mini quilt making. I love mini quilts. They are so fun to whip up and I love loading several projects at a time onto the long arm to quilt.  It feels so productive.

I made this mini for a swap that we did for a quilting retreat at the beginning of the month.  I chose to do a face the quilt instead of traditional binding. 

I made this quilt by downsizing the Windmill Quilt by Rashida Coleman-Hale. This was a gift for a friends birthday this month. 

I made a mini mini from some scraps. It is a 6" square that was included in a door prize for our quilt retreat. 

I made this awesome orange and grey mini when I was practicing how to make this fractured log cabins. This is another one for my mini wall. 

One of the ladies that was suppose to come on retreat with us could not make it so I sent her a little door prize package and included a mini of her own.  Seriously I might be addicted to minis. :)

I also pieced this two mini's this month but have not had time to quilt them up. They are just from scraps from other projects. 

I also received two minis at quilt retreat. They are a lovely addition to my mini wall.  The ladies know I love birds. I might of been found outside on occasions talking to the birds but they like a bit of a chat too. 

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26 August 2016

A Quilt for a Friend

A couple months ago a dear sewing friend moved from Brisbane to Sydney with her family. We have been meeting once a month with a group of ladies to chat and sew.  I was talking to one of the other ladies in the group and we decided that it would be lovely to give her a special quilt from all of us.  

Everyone in the group made a block or two and we were able to create a special lap quilt for her.  I choose the classic log cabin block and had the ladies make their blocks half grey and half aqua/blue/navy.  I LOVE how it all came together. 

I also quilted it and created a label from all of us to attach to the back.  I think the quilt ended up being 57" square.  One of the ladies in our little group created the binding and attached. It was truly a group project and it came together so nicely. 

I made a pillowcase to wrap it in to gift it. I never realized how easy they are and such a nice result. 

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10 July 2016

Countdown to Christmas Quilt Complete

I finished another quilt this week.  This is one of only two kits I have ever purchased but I love the fabric.  Funny enough the other kit is a christmas quilt too.  I pieced this back in December and finally had a chance to quilt and bind it this month.  

I did very simple quilting on this one which is a first for me.  Overlapping peaks in the middle section, cute row of presents in the black boarder and free hand trees in the outer boarder.  

I also made myself a Girlfriend Wallet. 

I picked up a glass water bottle this week and wanted to make a sleeve for it just in case I drop it.  Don't want to spend hours picking glass up.  I have been keeping some of my little practice quilting pieces and they were perfect for constructing a sleeve to protect the bottle. Such an easy project. 

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06 July 2016

Zodiac BOM - Gemini block

I completed the Gemini Block last week.  I am up to date so I am feeling really good about this quilt. 

The blocks look amazing together even with the one block having a placement issue.

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