23 February 2013

Block of the Month (BOM) Progress February

I finished up my BOM's for the month of February.  

Skill Builder Blocks 
These blocks went together really nicely.  I can't wait to get started on the Free Motion Quilting. 

Feb 2013 - Feb Skill Builder BOM blocks

Lucky Star Blocks
It is so hard to select fabric for these blocks.  I am still not sure if I am totally happy with them but I will leave them up on my design wall for a bit and maybe make a couple more and see if I like them more. 

Feb 2013 - Feb Lucky Stars BOM

I still have to work on some more stars for Dancing Stars QAL, but I still have six days till March.  Plenty of time. 

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20 February 2013

A Table Runner

Well I finally finished off my table runner that I made for February only 8 days left in the month but at least I finished it. I still have to finish the hand sewing on the binding but it is close enough to being 100%.   

I did free motion quilting all over pattern of loops with some cursive 'L's' thrown in for no reason except sometimes I forget what I am doing.  

It is really hard to get a rhythm going till you are almost done, but it can only get better the more I do so I will keep at it. 

Here is some close up shots of the stitching.

I used two flower napkins that I picked up sometime on clearance at Target for the back.  

I figured I could flip it over and it would be OK for spring.  

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18 February 2013

Skill Builder Blocks FMQ

I finally finished up my January blocks for the Skill Builder BOM.  I was not sure if I was going to be able to finish them up since my machine does not like to do FMQ.  I ended up having to use my travel machine to get these finished.  I am really happy with how they came out. 

Feb 2013 - Skill Builder BOM FMQ Jan blocks

Feb 2013 - Skill Builder BOM FMQ Jan blocks

Now on to the February blocks and FMQ on my table runner for some more practice. 

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16 February 2013

Kindle Cover

For Christmas my husband bought me a Kindle Paperwhite (I love it!) and I have it on my to do list to make a cover.   I was going to make one from scratch but when I had a look around my local Goodwill store the other day I came across this one for $3.00.  It was brand new still in package, got to love a deal!  It is super boring but has a great little magnetic tab to keep it closed.  

I traced out the shape of the cover on some batting and cutting it about a 1/2" smaller then the actual cover.  I used some Essex Linen and a Buck Stag print from the Echino line.  I just love the Bucks with glasses, who could not fall in love with this fun fabric!  I stitched some simple straight lines on the front and back.  I was going to actually stitch through the black cover all around the edge but it was just to thick.  Plus I tried it and the machine protested. not good. 

I added a bit of flannel on the inside to just clean it up a bit, even though I did tuck the raw edges in before I glued it on to the black cover.  I am really happy with how it came out.  It is really nice to complete something in a single day. Don't you agree?

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14 February 2013

Progress Finally: Free Motion Quilting and Quilt-A-Long

It has been very slow going around here but I did manage to finish piecing together my Starburst Block it is 40" x 40".  I hope to be able to start Free Motion Quilting (FMQ) on this tomorrow.  I picked up the fabric for the binding the other day, I am going to use the Sprout print in straw from the Madrona Road line by Violet Craft for Michael Miller.  I have already spray basted this and am using a vintage sheet for the backing. 

I did some FMQ practice today on my mini quilts for my side tables.  I am really happy how they turned out.  I even got the binding on today, just have to finish hand stitching it down.  

Here is some close up shots of the FMQ. 

I also took some pictures of the back, I am as proud of the back as I am of the front.  I got no eyelashes even with all the curves.   Now to tackle my Skill Builder block for January since February block will come out tomorrow. 

I also have finished up a new table runner for February.  Sorry about the picture, it was taken in my sewing room and it is hard to get clear photos.   

Hope to quilt that up this week to but I am sure it won't be till next week as the kids have Friday off and I don't usually get much sewing in on the weekends. 

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08 February 2013

First Projects of February

Well it is February and I still have a Christmas table runner on the dinning room table, I did take the tree down in January to I don't think it is that bad. 

I selected some fabric for a new table runner to be able to swap out.  This one is heavy on the Valentine side but that will be OK for February.  Just gives me more motivation to make another one to swap out next month. 

So I selected 4 prints and 4 solids: 

I have cut 56, 6" squares.  I am going to sew them together to make Half Square Triangles (HST).  I am sure that will give me enough to make something for the dining room table, side tables and then maybe a pillow cover too!  Ok my of gone a bit over board. :)

Here they are all chain stitched and all cut/pressed.  So pretty! 

So many possibilities. This is what I am thinking for my side tables in the living room.  Looks like pointy hearts. 

And then I took the 5 1/2" HST and cut them down to a 4" square.  I flipped the HST 90 degrees and re-added the bit I cut off and did a miter corner following the tutorial by Amy at Amy's Creative Side.  This is the first time I have done miter corners and they are not perfect but I am happy with them.  I only finished 4 so far so I am not sure how I will lay them out yet, but there is so many possibilities.  I had thought I would be able to just sew the cut of bit back on, I tried. But that did not work I had to unpick them all before I was able to sew the miter.  Oh well at least they lay flat now. 

I am going to use these for some Free Motion Quilting practice, which I need lots of practice on. 

Looks like today is a snow day here in Michigan (first real snow of the year), so I hopefully will be able to get some sewing in while the kids play in the snow. 

Check back later I will share my finishes. 

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06 February 2013

Free Motion Quilting (FMQ)

For the Skill Builder BOM the first part is to make the blocks and the second part is to do Free Motion Quilting (FMQ) to quilt the blocks and at the end we will sew them all together.  I have not done much FMQ, my machine does not really like to play nice when it comes to this.  I have done some playing with my machine and have found how to keep it happy while letting me quilt.  It is not as nice as I would like it but it will do.  

I made myself 4 practice quilt sandwich to practice on.  I like to use my batting scrapes but they are all the wrong sizes.  So I lay the pieces next to each other and connect them together with a zig-zag stitch, making what I like to call my Frankenstein batting.  I don't like to pin so I spray basted my layers together and got to work practicing. 

Here are what my first practice squares, I did draw some lines with blue chalk to give me a bit of something to follow to get a flow started.  I think I will do a few more practice squares before I do my Skill Builders blocks.  

I have a few Free Motion Quilting books on my shelf that have been a great help with my practice squares.

Beginner's Guide to Free-Motion Quilting by Natalia Bonner

Modern Quilting Designs by Bethany Nicole Pease

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01 February 2013

Working From The Book

I love quilting books.  I have not actually made anything from the 32 books on my shelf, I just love looking at them.  So many lovely quilts!

So a goal I set for sewing this year is to actually work from the books that I have purchased.  I know a strange concept, but I am going to try.  So first book I selected is Quilting Modern by Jacquie Gering & Katie Pederson.  Lots of lovely eye candy in this book.  I am going to make the quilt called SuperNova.  


I am using Browns and Blues with Kona Snow for the background of my quilt.  My focal fabric will be the Brush Bear by Sarah Watts. 

This is the fabric I have selected from my stash:
  • Kona Snow (not shown in picture)
  • Pure Organic Aqua
  • Blue/Gray/Tan Plaid print from Joann Fabric
  • Daybreak Brown by Heidi Grace for Joann Fabric
  • Blue Rounded Squares with small blue/green square for Joann Fabric
  • Brush Bear in Taupe by Sarah Watts for Blend
  • Woodland #9617-330 (Blue) by Lori Mason for RJR Fabric
  • Small Pebbles Tan Tonal print by Classic Cottons
  • Kona Navy
  • Crosshatch Sketch in Aqua (#FUN-C8224) Timeless Treasures
  • Pebbles Tan Tonal for Joann Fabric
  • Flowers Brown Tonal for Joann Fabric
  • Dark Brown Tonal by Jinny Beyer for RJR Fabrics

Now that the fabric is selected it is time to get to work cutting, pressing and sewing.  Check back to see my progress.