08 February 2013

First Projects of February

Well it is February and I still have a Christmas table runner on the dinning room table, I did take the tree down in January to I don't think it is that bad. 

I selected some fabric for a new table runner to be able to swap out.  This one is heavy on the Valentine side but that will be OK for February.  Just gives me more motivation to make another one to swap out next month. 

So I selected 4 prints and 4 solids: 

I have cut 56, 6" squares.  I am going to sew them together to make Half Square Triangles (HST).  I am sure that will give me enough to make something for the dining room table, side tables and then maybe a pillow cover too!  Ok my of gone a bit over board. :)

Here they are all chain stitched and all cut/pressed.  So pretty! 

So many possibilities. This is what I am thinking for my side tables in the living room.  Looks like pointy hearts. 

And then I took the 5 1/2" HST and cut them down to a 4" square.  I flipped the HST 90 degrees and re-added the bit I cut off and did a miter corner following the tutorial by Amy at Amy's Creative Side.  This is the first time I have done miter corners and they are not perfect but I am happy with them.  I only finished 4 so far so I am not sure how I will lay them out yet, but there is so many possibilities.  I had thought I would be able to just sew the cut of bit back on, I tried. But that did not work I had to unpick them all before I was able to sew the miter.  Oh well at least they lay flat now. 

I am going to use these for some Free Motion Quilting practice, which I need lots of practice on. 

Looks like today is a snow day here in Michigan (first real snow of the year), so I hopefully will be able to get some sewing in while the kids play in the snow. 

Check back later I will share my finishes. 

Thanks for stopping by. 



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