25 March 2013

Forest QAL - Block 2

Finished the second block of the Forest QAL, Feathers.  This one was designed by Shape Moth

March 2013 - Forest QAL Block 2

I have to say I am finding this very challenging, mainly for all the tiny tiny pieces. This QAL is really making be slow down and focus, since I really hate having to unpick mistakes.   

I am really dreaming of making my own paper piece patterns now, not sure how I will do it but I guess that is part of the learning process. 

But for now I have to cut out all the pieces for the third block (even more tiny pieces).   Hopefully I will have it done before it is Holiday time.  

Thank you for stopping by. 


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  1. abby, these are beautiful! i downloaded this pattern and i can't wait to get started on it. i love the grunge fabric you picked for the background :)