28 April 2013

Bridal Shower

Well Spring is finally making an appearance here in Michigan, it is so nice to see the sun back and for the rain to give us a break.  

Yesterday was the beginning of Little League and my oldest had two games the first day and they did really well and won both of them.  What a great way to start the season and give them that confidence to continue to do well.  

This year I have two cousins getting married, it has been a long time since we have had a wedding in our family.  The first bridal shower is today and I had to make part of my gift, last minute because that is just how things work out. I managed to make a grocery tote and some placemats for the new couple.  Actually finished the binding on the placemats yesterday at the double header.  

The bridal shower is food/kitchen related as they have been living together for a while.  We were asked to share some recipes and maybe get the gadgets/ingredients it take to prepare the dish.   Also my cousin is a big John Deere fan so the colors in there kitchen are green, yellow and brown.  So I had something to work with. 

My recipes are ones that we make in my family and are very tasty so I hope they like them.  I am sharing with them our Almost No Knead Bread and Belgium Beef and Onion Stew recipes.  Both are made using a dutch oven so of course I bought them a dutch oven.   I even picked one up in yellow to go with there kitchen. 

I made a tote to use a wrapping.  I just used some Premier Print Gotcha Twill  and lined it with some pretty vintage sheet.  I did not follow a pattern and am very happy with how it turned out.  That now I need to make one for me!  

I made four placemats using my stash.  I created a log cabin block and off set it to add some interest to the placemats.  I free motion quilted (FMQ) them just so I could have the practice.  I used the same fabric from the blocks to make the scrappy binding and to top it off I picked up some John Deere fabric from Joann's this week to use for the backing.  I hope the couple like what I have made them.  

I hope you have a wonderful Sunday.  Thank you for stopping by.


23 April 2013

Forest QAL Block 6

The Roaring Deer, block 6 of the Forest Quilt-A-Long is complete.  So excited I am all caught up just in the nick of time as another block is released today.  This one was much easier then the last few mostly because there was not as many tiny pieces.  

I have all my finished blocks up on the design wall and I have no ideal how I am going to arrange them or maybe I should not use all of them in the same quilt.  I hope it does not become an unfinished project.  

Thank you for stopping by.  


22 April 2013

Forest QAL - Block 5

I finished up Block 5 of the Forest QAL, the Eurasian Jay.  I had no ideal what this bird looked like in real life so I had to google it.  Joanna at Shape Moth has a great gift for making paper piece patterns.   

We don't have this bird in North America so I tried to find a bird that I could recognize, that looked similar in body to the Eurasian.  I went with a Bluebird.  

Now onto Block 6 The Roaring Deer.  

Thank you for stopping by and have a great day. 


20 April 2013

Skill Builder BOM March - Free Motion Quilting (FMQ)

Wow the rain is still coming down here in Mid-Michigan.

I have managed to get my Free Motion Quilting (FMQ) done on my March Skill Builder blocks just in time for the April blocks, which got posted yesterday.  

I really enjoy FMQ and can't wait for one day soon (fingers crossed) to have a long arm machine so I have more then six inches to work with.  It will make life so much easier and more productive.  Yeah for productivity!

The Woven Star block I am not sure if I like the quilting or not.  I wish I would of come up with something different for the background, its not my favorite but it will do.  

I really like how the weave one turned out.  I think I am obsessed with circles.  

Now I think I will whip up a few placemats for a bridal shower gift just so I can get some more FMQ practice in.  

Have a great day and thank you for stopping by. 


19 April 2013

Rain and April Lucky Stars BOM

Here in Mid-Michigan we are receiving more rain then anyone could really deal with at one time.  Our local river is already at capacity and now they are talking about evacuations by Saturday if it keeps raining.  Hopefully the storm will change course and it will not impact our town as bad as the predictions are calling for.  We are lucky as not to live in the flood plain but there will be many who could be effected.

Now for sewing I am catching up (finally) well sort of.  I still have two Forest QAL paper piece blocks to catch up on, hopefully I will be able to knock one out tomorrow and one the next day.  There are many pieces and it takes me a long time to do them.  Once those are done I will be able to start on a few other BOM's that I have decided to join, still not sure what I am thinking.

I still have not made any progress on my SuperNova Quilt that I last blogged about back at the beginning of March.  I really must get this finished up too, before I start another quilt.  Hopefully I will have the top pieced before the end of the month.  I am sure I can at least meet that goal. :)

Here are my April Lucky Star block.  I am doing both the 12" and 6" blocks each month, I think it will add interest to a finished quilt.  This months block was very interesting.  I love how just by rotating each of the block pieces it came up with a totally different looking finished block.  I LOVE IT!

The smaller block I think would make a very interesting quilt on its own.  Hmmm, maybe a future quilt.

Thank you for stopping by.


18 April 2013

Forest QAL Block 4

I am a couple blocks behind for the Forest QAL, I hate being behind.  I know it does not really matter and there is no deadlines except for the ones I put on myself.  But that is just me, I have always hatted being late for things.

So here is my finished fourth block Maple Fox.

I do think this turned out very cute! 

Now onto the fifth block, but first I have to cut all the pieces out.  

Thank you for stopping by. 


15 April 2013

April Challenge - Rainbow

On Facebook I joined a Quilting Challenge Open Group, yup one more thing to keep me quilting.  April's challenge was for a Rainbow quilt.  Maybe people have submitted gorgeous Rainbow quilts but I have never worked with rainbow colors before.   The deadline for this project is April 19th.  So I aimed for something small so I could finish by the deadline. 

While I was on vacation I did some research (web surfing) looking around trying to figure out how I wanted to do this challenge.  I stumbled upon this lovely paper pieced pattern by Sarah over at Sew What, Sherlock?.   

This pattern was great!  I am still new to paper so the seams are a bit tricky as they are so thick.

Thank you for stopping by. 


13 April 2013

Skill Builder BOM - March Blocks

I am playing catch up this month.  First up is the Skill Builder BOM March blocks.  Finished these up yesterday,  my points are not perfect but they will do for now and once I am caught up I will try to figure out how to fix the problem of disappearing points.  So frustrating.  

Pictures are not the greatest as it has been raining for 5 days straight here in Mid-Michigan, our yard now has its very own lake.  

Now to sandwich these so do some FMQ.  Having over a week off from sewing has made me miss it so much. 

Thank you for stopping by. 


11 April 2013

Wide Mouth Zip Pouches

For our trip I needed some pouches to put medicine and bathroom stuff in.  I found this easy tutorial over at Noodlehead.  I managed to whip up three, a large and two medium. 

The large pouch I used a Japanese bunny print I picked up last year.  It was so cute I could not resist.  I paired it with Wrenly Rosette.  It is lined with Aqua Boomerang fabric by Mini Mikes (Michael Miller Fabric).  I also used some Heat n Bond Iron on Vinyl for the first time on the lining so it could be easily whipped up if something spilled. 

The medium pouch I used some left over Magnolia in Aqua by Laura Gunn.  This one is lined with Birdhouse Birds by Heidi Grace for Joann Fabrics, also used the iron on vinyl for this pouch. 

The last medium pouch is for my husband (can't leave him out).  I used left over fabric from his duffel bag, I made him for his birthday. 

Thank you for stopping by. 


09 April 2013

Finally something for me

This month I have managed to make bags for my husband and my boys.  Not to mention the tote I made for my sister-in-law for her birthday.  It is time for something for me.  I have had this lovely Magnolia Branch fabric in Aqua by Laura Gunn, just sitting on the shelf for over a year now just waiting for the right project. 

I used Laura Gunn’s Painters Canvas in Brown for the handle and a cute Japanese (I think) Sheet that I picked up in Australia at a thrift store for the inside of the bag.   It has cute pink bunnies, houses and little birds on it.  So many great finds at the thrift shop.

Thank you for coming by.  


08 April 2013

March Dancing Stars QAL Progressing

My Dancing Stars are slowly coming along but I am getting some done.  Wanting to make bags for our holiday has really thrown things out of whack but I am so glad we don't have to use plastic bags.  Not cool!

I managed to finish 4 blocks  this month and I really like how they are coming together.  Not sure how many I am going to make.  I have a lot of scraps so I am sure I can just keep making for many months and not really make a dent.  

Next month I am going to try and double how many I have made in the first three months of the year.  

Thank you for stopping by.  


Bags for the Boys

Sorry I have been missing for the last week was on a family vacation.  I had wrote a bunch of post and thought I had scheduled them only to find out that I did not actually.  

I whipped up these duffel bags for my boys for our trip. 


These bags are huge!  I have been able to get a weeks worth of clothes in them with room for other items for the trip.  

I did not have any fabric in the stash the correct size so I have to do a bit of piecing but I am really happy with how they turned out.  I used the same pattern that I used for the one I made for my husband for his birthday except I did not put any pockets on them.  I just don't see them being really used.  

I did all over Free Motion Quilting (FMQ) on both of these bags.  

Now lets see if I can finish one for myself in time.  

Thanks for stopping by.