19 April 2013

Rain and April Lucky Stars BOM

Here in Mid-Michigan we are receiving more rain then anyone could really deal with at one time.  Our local river is already at capacity and now they are talking about evacuations by Saturday if it keeps raining.  Hopefully the storm will change course and it will not impact our town as bad as the predictions are calling for.  We are lucky as not to live in the flood plain but there will be many who could be effected.

Now for sewing I am catching up (finally) well sort of.  I still have two Forest QAL paper piece blocks to catch up on, hopefully I will be able to knock one out tomorrow and one the next day.  There are many pieces and it takes me a long time to do them.  Once those are done I will be able to start on a few other BOM's that I have decided to join, still not sure what I am thinking.

I still have not made any progress on my SuperNova Quilt that I last blogged about back at the beginning of March.  I really must get this finished up too, before I start another quilt.  Hopefully I will have the top pieced before the end of the month.  I am sure I can at least meet that goal. :)

Here are my April Lucky Star block.  I am doing both the 12" and 6" blocks each month, I think it will add interest to a finished quilt.  This months block was very interesting.  I love how just by rotating each of the block pieces it came up with a totally different looking finished block.  I LOVE IT!

The smaller block I think would make a very interesting quilt on its own.  Hmmm, maybe a future quilt.

Thank you for stopping by.


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  1. Nice pattern play- I agree the little blue block would make a pretty awesome quilt on it's own.
    Good luck with the water! My sisters live/work in Midland- they are getting ready for the flood!