31 July 2013

Skill Builder BOM - July Blocks

Oh I am on a roll this month.  I have caught up, mostly.  I know I am not on any real deadlines just crazy ones I put on myself but I always feel great when I can get into my sewing room and sew.  

So here are my Skill Builder July Blocks.  The first one is called Saturn.

I used my Easy Circle Cut Acrylic Ruler to do the Saturn Block instead of a compass and not sure why I have never done a circle before it was so easy.  I see a circle quilt in my future and not just applique. 

The second block is Candy Land.  The curves were a bit tricky but starch really helped in the end.  

I even got an extra block out of this.  I think I might just do some practice FMQ on it and hang it up in my sewing room. 

Well I am off to get a bunch of pressing and cutting today for three quilt-a-longs that I have signed up for and have not started on yet. 

Thank you for stopping by. 



30 July 2013

Lucky Stars BOM - June and July

Completed my June and July Lucky Stars blocks last night.  I love seeing them all up on the design wall together. 

Here is June's.

Here is July's. 

There is only 5 more months of blocks to go can't wait to put it all together.  

So I have been able to knock one item off my goal list for July only have two more to do.  Started cutting out the fabric for the July Skill Builder and boy those blocks are really going to be a challenge. 

Items to complete by August 1st: 

Thank you for stopping by and have a great day. 


28 July 2013

Skill Builders May & June Free Motion Quilting

So excited today to share with you my finished blocks for May and June Skill Builder.  I finished the free motion quilting last night and of course today is over cast so I could not get the greatest of pictures but you can see the stitches so I guess that is what counts.

I am pleased with how they turned out and tried to keep them a bit simple since these blocks have a lot going on.

May’s blocks are Geo Swirl and Switz:

June's blocks are Shattered Chevrons and Broken Arrow:

It is really nice to see that I am finally on track to catching up on all my many projects.  

I have set myself a few goals to try and be caught up by August 1, which includes the following things: 

There is still a few things more that I could add to this list but I will save them for August. 

Thank you for stopping by.


26 July 2013

A Few Finishes

Happy Thursday.  I have been able to sneak into my sewing room the last couple mornings while the boys have a sleep in. I finished off the addition to my Dads rag quilt that I blogged about here, which is good since his birthday is Saturday. Always cutting it close. I think I did a good job blending old with new since the quilt is now almost 2 years old.  I added two rows all the way around.  

After finishing the rag quilt and the edge cutting.  I felt like I needed to do something for me that was quick and easy as a reward.  So I pulled some striped canvas fabric from my stash and cut 10 six-inch blocks and whipped up a peg bag. (Only been on my sewing to do list for 2 years.) I love how it turned out, not bad for winging it. 

I did not follow a pattern just played with the placement of the blocks and sewed them together.  I pressed my seams open and then stitched a 1/8" on either side of the seam to tidy up the inside a bit.  I made a pocket around the top and put a cut of thick wire to give it a nice wide opening to make it easy to put the pegs in and out.  

I added a 2” wide handle from some navy blue from the scrap bin.  To attach it to the clothesline using a Metal Carabiner Clip I found in my youngest sons treasure drawer.  I am sure he will not notice it missing it was on the bottom.  The best part was it got the thumbs up from my husband, he complained about the last one so this is a good thing.  Now if he only remembers to bring it in the house so the birds do not build nest in it.  

Almost forgot to share some eye candy that came in the mail for me over the last couple months.  I was so excited as this is a first for me, so nice getting fabric in the mail.  First up is my winning from the Crazy Block Sew Along over at Sew She Can, from my entry blogged about here.  I won a gift certificate to Fabric Tree so I selected some fabric for my stash.  

Riley Blake (R.B.) Cotton Solid Aqua, R.B. Fabric Sunny Happy Skies Pink Lace, Animal Parade Star Floral, R.B. Fabric Life in the jungle tic tac green, Blend Fabric Wedge Geo Green and R.B. Indie Chic Woven Blue
My second eye candy I won from Mister Random for the Retro Rubies Quilt Along over at Pile O’Fabric.  I won a Fat Eighth stack of Oakshotts.  I have not used Oakshotts yet but oh they are so lovely.

I will have to find a special project to use them with. 

Thank you for stopping by.