31 July 2013

Skill Builder BOM - July Blocks

Oh I am on a roll this month.  I have caught up, mostly.  I know I am not on any real deadlines just crazy ones I put on myself but I always feel great when I can get into my sewing room and sew.  

So here are my Skill Builder July Blocks.  The first one is called Saturn.

I used my Easy Circle Cut Acrylic Ruler to do the Saturn Block instead of a compass and not sure why I have never done a circle before it was so easy.  I see a circle quilt in my future and not just applique. 

The second block is Candy Land.  The curves were a bit tricky but starch really helped in the end.  

I even got an extra block out of this.  I think I might just do some practice FMQ on it and hang it up in my sewing room. 

Well I am off to get a bunch of pressing and cutting today for three quilt-a-longs that I have signed up for and have not started on yet. 

Thank you for stopping by. 



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