16 July 2013

Working from the book - Top Finished

I have finally finished my SuperNova Quilt top.  Not on my original schedule but I am glad it is complete. Now to figure out how I am going to quilt it. 

I am not totally happy with it I have to say, just something is missing.  I really thought I had it all worked out, it has been on my design wall for months.  Maybe the quilting will make me feel different about it.  Here is my original post.

Here is a close up of the center, see it is really just blah. 
Oh well, I think I will have to revisit this pattern, if I don't feel any better about it after it is quilted.  I won't be quilting this one right away so it will give me some time to play around with how to try to make it less blah.  

Thank you for stopping by and I hope you have a great day.  


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