21 September 2013

Prism Along Quilt Top Finished

I finished up my Prism quilt top this week, once again just in time for the deadline.  I worked completely from my stash on this one.  

The pattern had the blocks going the other way with the long diamonds but I really liked the look of the blocks turned.   My top is 8 blocks by 8 blocks, a throw size.  I forgot to measure before I folded it and added it to my Unfinished Quilt Tops pile that is sadly growing. 

Has anyone heard about he ABC QAL that Thomas Knauer is hosting? Well it is actually is using the Braille alphabet and I could not pass it up.  Braille seems like such a secret language it is very intriguing. I actually have a few secret language quilts sketched out in my sketchbook, hope I will be able to work on those soon.  I won't be doing all the letters of the alphabet I have selected a phrase to use for my quilt. 

Here is a sneak peek. 

I pulled all my polka dot fabric from my stash to use for this quilt. I am not sure if it is going to look good.  I have never used so many colors in one quilt maybe it just won't be great together.  This picture is already making me second guess my selection.  I will have to sit on this for a while. What do you think? 

Thank you for stopping by.  


11 September 2013

Star Surround Finished

So excited I checked another thing off my to do list this week.  I finished my Star Surround Quilts, I did two 24" blocks that I will use on my side tables in the living room.  

I really love the Aqua, Orange, Grey and Navy color scheme, might have to do a big quilt in this combo.  I tried to do different free motion quilting on each block.  Here is close up of the stitching. 

I finished these just in time even with a little seam ripper accident.  Not nice to pick stitches and have the ripper slip and slice the fabric.  I had to remove a aqua block next to the center star and replace it, not fun at all.   

Well off to finish up my Prism quilt, the link up is in a couple days really hoping to have another quilt top complete.  

Thank you all for stopping by. 


07 September 2013

Finished Forest Quilt Top

This week was my first week being back my sewing room and I really have missed it.  I did not get as much done as I always hope, does not help my to do list is always a mile long.   I did however finish piecing my Forest Quilt top.  The top measures roughly 86 x 86.

I did not make the end of August deadline for the competition but I knew I could not get this quilted on my machine and be able to sew the rest of the year.  Summer gardening has really messed up my elbow. 

I added a few wonky triangle blocks, that I created using scraps from all the pieced blocks.  I am really happy with how it turned out. 

Thank you for stopping by.