12 November 2013

Juki TL-2200 QVP

Well this year I got a very fantastic early Christmas present.  My very own long arm quilting machine.  

Now I did not test drive the Juki but the price was right for entry-level long arm quilting machine.  I test-drove all the bigger machines at a quilt show in Grand Rapids last year.   This machine came out a few months after that show.  I thought I would share with you my thoughts on this machine.  

I bought the machine over the phone from Sewing Machines Plus in California.  The reviews for the store were good with excellent customer service and I agree.   

The TL200-QVP is an 18" horizontal throat space and 10" vertical throat space.  It also does 2200 stitches per minute and uses the double capacity "M" style bobbins.  I got the 10' frame but you can get a 2' extension to make it a 12' but my room is not big enough for that.  You can find more detailed information about the machine here

The Grace Company designed 
the frame for this machine for Juki, the frame and rails are steel.  The frame was easy to put together following the instructions except they wanted you to put the handles and a few other items on before you put the head of the machine on the table.  This seems silly so I waited till I could set it on the frame.
The frame needs to be level and the instruction manual only says use the leveling legs to level the frame so the machine does not slide. I recommend setting a level on the frame as you adjust the legs. Not really clear in the set up. 

This machine and frame does not come with cloth leaders so you need to purchase them at the time you order or source them somewhere else.  I only paid $89 for the Grace Start Right Cloth leaders for the 10' frame.  Grace Frame has the Fabri-Fast slot with tubing to install the leaders. I also ordered Leader Grips to just speed the loading process up.  I ordered them here

To finish the machine off you will also have to install the stitch regulator, handles, thread stand and a few other small items. Then you are set to go.  Getting the tension correct was the hardest as the manual does not give enough information but a quick call to customer service and it was all sorted. 

I loaded an almost queen size practice quilt on the machine. I did not find the manual overly helpful with attaching the layers to the leaders.  I found a You-Tube video that walked me through it and I could pause as I worked on each step.  

I like Manual Mode the best but will practice with the stitch regulator modes to become better.  I did try out the stitch regulator in Cruise Mode and I have trouble with going to fast and it beeps at me.  Here are some pictures of the first week of practice.  I am going to bind this and leave it in my sewing room for my pups to cuddle in.  I am a bit sad that my pebbles are not has good as they are on my domestic machine but I will practice to become better. 

Here are some closeups:

My mom came over this week and had a small play too.  Then of course the boys had to have a go too.  

Overall I think this machine is going to work out very well. The only things that I wish it had was channel locks and a throat base extender.  I think I can work work around both of these items.  The throat base on he Juki machine is wider compared to other similar models.    Be sure to check back as I will be sharing the quilts as I finish them.   I already have another practice quilt loaded up and ready to go. 

Thank you for stopping by. 



  1. Thank you, your post was great. Try putting in the precise mode to do the pebbles. The beeping can be turned off in the main menu. The beeping will actually start before you out run the stitch regulator to warn you.

  2. Hi I'm a new owner I have the same juki and was wondering about the tension not 100% happy with my thread tension and not sure if it is me or the machine. I did watch some youtube videos and 1 tells you to do 1 thing and anther something completely different. Thanks

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