29 December 2013

A Few Homemade Christmas Gifts

I only made a few Christmas gifts this year since I have been spending so much time working on my longarm machine skills.  I didn't even whip up something in my sewing room for the boys teachers.  But I did however make some chocolate covered pretzels and peanut butter cookies for the boys to take to school.  They went over a treat.  

The few things that I did make I had to wait till to share as my mom reads my blog. :)

I made a really cute dog toy for my brother-in-laws dog.  It is my own design and even put a squeakier in the belly.  My two dogs were totally jealous so I guess I will need to whip up a couple for them too.  Just mine are not as gentle with stuffed toys. 

While I was cleaning up my sewing room I came across this unfinished project that I started years ago. This pattern is called an Fabric Origami Tree.  All I had to do to finish is sew on the bells and base.  It now resides with my mom and dad.   

I also found this pattern in my stash that my mom gave me a while ago so I whipped up a small table topper for my parents.  Most so I could play on my longarm machine.  I only used the snowman from the pattern the rest is my layout.  The pattern can be found here. I did it much like my wonky scrappy tree quilt.  I used the washable glue stick to hold everything in place.  Then quilted it to tack all the pieced down.  

I put a flower print from my stash on the back so it can be used all year around. 

Now to spend a bit of time before the new year getting my sewing room all organized as the scrap bins are over flowing again. 

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24 December 2013

2013 Lucky Stars Block of the Month Quilt Top

Today I finished joining my blocks from the Lucky Stars Block of the month by Elizabeth over at Don't Call Me Betsy.

I did both the 12" and 6" blocks and could not be happier with how it turned out.   All of the blocks are paper piece.  The fabric for the boarders is called Basketweave in Black by Legacy Studios from Joann Fabric. The top is roughly 71" x 71".  

Now to figure out how I will quilt this one up.  I am thinking heavy quilting in the black and some echoing and outlining on the blocks since there is a lot of seams in there and it might cause some troubles. But first I need to get a back pieced.  

Off to work on finishing up my 2013 Skill Builder Quilt.  Really hoping to have a few more things completed before the year end.  

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23 December 2013

Wonky Scrappy Trees

I played around in sewing room yesterday and came up with this lovely little wall hanging.  I still have to finish tacking the binding down to the back but could not wait to share it. 

It is totally improv and I have so happy with how it turned out.  The trees are all cuttings from my scrap bin that I glued onto the white polka dot fabric (can't really tell in picture) so they are all raw edges.  Then I loaded it onto my longarm machine and used matching thread for each of the trees to take them down.  I used a sort of zig zag for the edges and then did a free motion tree shape over the top of the tree.

The background could not of turned out any better, exactly what I was going for.  I watch Leah Day's You Tube video on her Wavy Hair Design and then practiced on paper a bit before moving to the machine. 

I also did some sketching on paper and loaded up some practice fabric to be able to get my sketch of Bumble to work out just right.  Here is a close up of Bumble.  I don't think he turned out to bad.  This wall hanging finished up 25.25" x 42". 

Now to go finish putting the binding on and finish piecing my 2013 Lucky Stars quilt top so I can take it off the design wall.  

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21 December 2013

Couple Finishes

I finished up my last customer quilt this week and hand delivered them today.  I am happy to say they love both of the memory quilts that I created for them.  Yeah!

While I was finishing up the memory quilts I also whipped up a small Christmas tree wall hanging to send to my husbands parents in Florida.  The boys even managed to make some tiny snowmen ornaments to hang from the buttons.  

The pattern is paper piece by Cindi Edgerton called A Little Bit Shorter Tall Tree that I picked up from my local quilt shop after they visited market this year. I forgot to measure it before I put it in the mail but I think it is roughly 15" x 38".  I loaded it up on the long arm and did a free motion filler in the gray behind the tree and a loopy meander in the red fabric.  

It went in the mail today and should even be delivered before Christmas, nothing like last minute gifting. This is all I managed to get in the mail this year since I seemed to slipped up on getting Christmas cards sent out.  Oh well there is always next year. 

I create little slip covers for a couple Nook tablet cases.  They were just to boring so I picked up some fabric for my nephews favorite sports teams and made them way less boring.  Now to finish warping gifts up for Christmas. 

We are iced in here in Michigan hope everyone stays safe. 

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14 December 2013

Oldest Quilt Top Completed

I loaded up my oldest quilt top this week to practice my long arm quilting skills on.  The quilt pattern is a Stack and Whack.  I made this top back in 2009 at a local quilt shop with some of my friends while living Australia.  This is the only quilt class I have taken but it was so nice to be able to spend time with my friends sewing and chatting.  I miss that now that I am back in the states.  

Here is the front of the quilt and back.  My husband was nice enough to stand outside in 10 degree Fahrenheit weather so I could get pictures of my finished quilt. 

I pieced the back using my leftover fabric from the front.  I really like how it turned out even though in the beginning I was not sure of my fabric selection. 

I did some free motion quilting and some ruler work on this quilt and let me say there is such a big learning curve between FMQ on a domestic and quilting on a long arm.  Big Curve!

Some of my lines are not the straightest but I had to force myself not to take them out or I would never get it finished.  The only time I did remove stitches is when I forgot what my plan was with the straight lines in the background.  In the corners on the orange I have lines going in two directions, by the time I got to the bottom corners my mind slipped and I did one all up and down.  So I removed them and started over but am glad I did I would of never been happy with the results if I would not of. 

This one finished in at 56" x 62".

Print fabric used was Sprays GP107 by Kaffe Fassett and paired it with Kona Cotton in Terra Cotta and Aqua (I think).  

Now onto quilting my last commission quilt for the year so I can deliver before Christmas, not to mention I still need to whip up some Christmas gifts.  Really should stop waiting to the last minute. 

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09 December 2013

Last of the Lucky Stars BOM for the year

I completed the last of the 2013 Lucky Stars blocks this weekend.  

I really love how the big one turned out!  I really need to pick up some more of the purple with white dot fabric as I am totally  in love with it.  I still have not figured out how to lay them out to be a quilt since I made both the 12" and 6" blocks and I want both to be in the same quilt.  So far nothing is coming to me but now that they are all done maybe it will hit me.  That is how most of my layouts have come to me. 

I also have loaded up my oldest UFO quilt top on the frame this week.  I don't know why it makes me to nervous to start quilting by I feel so paralyzed   I had to walk away for a few days before I decided to jump in and just do it.  Here is the result for my first day of quilting. 

Hope to have this finished up in the next couple days.  

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05 December 2013

Skill Builder Final Blocks

I finished up the last two block for the Skill Builder BOM.  

I did some Free Motion Quilting (FMQ) on these blocks on my domestic since all the other blocks have been done that way.  

Here is how they all look up on the design wall.  It is really hard to get picture without the quilting frame being in it.  Will have to get a step stool so I can reach the top of my wall, standing on a chair just is not good enough. 

I am running low on background fabric so I might have to put it together different then what Alyssa is doing. 

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Cheers, Abby

02 December 2013

A little Thanksgiving and a UFO no longer

 I worked up a little turkey wall hanging for my parents for Thanksgiving.  

I started it last year but just never finished it.  I used the Dresden Plate template to make the feathers and body.  Then appliqued it to the background fabric.  I used a meandering loopy quilting design for the background.  Wish I would of took the picture outside it is a bit blurry.  

I also completed one of my UFO's quilt tops this week, my Prism Quilt Top.  Originally blogged about here
I pieced the back to include the diamond shape from the front.  The quilting is not the straightest but I am really happy how it turned out.  Here are a couple close-ups of the quilting. 

I stitched in the ditch in the grey area and then did free motion loops.  I used a ruler to get the diamond shape in the blue fabric. I will have load up the next quilt so I can practice some more.  I need a lot more practice is needed, a lot more. 

I used Kona Navy for the binding and the finish size is 60" x 60".   

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