26 January 2014

A Lovely Year of Finishes - January Complete

This year I joined up with A Lovely Year of Finishes hosted by Shanna of Fiber of All Sorts and Melissa of Sew BitterSweet Designs to try and get on top of my many projects.  So far it is working but it is only the first month hope I can keep it up.  I originally posted back on January 1st my goal for the month here.    I am happy to report that I have finished my goal for the month and not at 11.59pm on the 31st.  How good is that?

Since my quilt was one of my first sampler quilts that I did back in 2012 I wanted to quilt each block individually so I could practice my long arming skills.  The hardest part was choosing what to quilt, I think that is going to be my problem for every quilt.  I tired to do different designs in each block and the boarders and sashing I did a combination of swirls, s curves and pebbles. 

The quilt finished up to be 44 3/4" by 58 3/4 so just a tiny lap quilt or wall hanging. 

Yes, I braved the cold Michigan morning to get a picture.  When I went out it was not snowing as soon as I started taken pictures it started to snow again.  I took pictures inside but I just did not like them at all. 

I am not sure if I like the back very much or maybe that is just how they all look and that might be why no one shares the backs.  I like to document both sides as most of the time I create originally backs for my quilts.  I used left over fabric to create the back. 

Here are some close up shots of the quilting, it seems hard to see in the first photo. 

My background fabric is Kona Snow and Michael Miller Contour Cotton in Grey.  I think the yellow is Kona Zucchini and the purple is a RJR solid but I can't remember for sure as this was done all before I began blogging and keeping track of things like that.  The print fabric is a Michael Miller design called Citron Grey Soleil Floral.  I used it for the binding and in the blocks.   

Now to go pick out the goal for February, so many things to choose from. 

Thanks for stopping by and visiting.  

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  1. stopping by from A Lovely Year of Finishes. Lovely finish.

  2. Brilliant well done. Love your quilting, I too have a problem with most quilts on how to quilt and end up mostly doing straight lines! There was a whole linky party somewhere last year for quilt backs, I'll try and find it for you. I did a wonderful back for my herringbone quilt - ok that's my opinion but...

  3. this is so exciting!! i was doing the mod BOM back then, too, and loved your blocks! now i'm doing ALYOF and am so excited to 'coincidentally' get to see this finished! it is every bit as great as i expected! i LOVE the way you set it - so unique and compliments it perfectly! i want to copy somehow someday! and the '2nd side' is just as fabulous. nice job, it is really great! hurray for online motivational groups (:

  4. Your finish is lovely. Great job!

  5. Nice job completing your goal ahead of time!! On to February...

  6. That is a great quilt!! I like piecing my backings, too. I like yours. Congrats on making your goal. Your quilting is beautiful.

  7. Stopped by from ALYoF to read more about this awesome quilt! How don to have a long arm to quilt it...really beautiful :)