10 January 2014

Finish Along 2014 Quarter 1

This year is all about finishing up projects that I have started plus doing lots of new stuff.  I thought it would be fun and a good way to stay to task by blogging about my goals and  this post I will be linking up with the 2014 Finish Along over at The Littlest Thistle.  This Finish Along is done quarterly so I am going to select a group of things to complete in three months. 

I am already linking one of my un-quilted quilt top up with A Lovely Year of Finishes over on Bittersweet Designs so I will make these goals not include that.  So this should be a very productive quarter if I can reach all my goals. 

Here are my first quarter goals: 

1.) I want to quilt and bind my Hemispheres pattern tester quilt I made last year Aria Lane. I even have the back already to go for this one.

2.) I want to quilt and bind my Frames pattern tester quilt I made last year Aria Lane. I even have the back already to go for this one too.

3.) I want to quilt and bind my quilt from a pattern called Annie by Valori Wells.  This one is from 2012 before I started blogging and I will also need to make a back for this one.  

4.) I would like to create a quilt top with the 24 blocks from the Dancing Stars quilt along that I did last year and then got to busy to finish up. I have already sketched out a plan so putting together should not be to much trouble. 

So I think 4 goals will be a good start for the year and I think very doable.  I better get sewing. 

Thank you for stopping by for a visiting. 



  1. Well the first 3 are over halfway there, so that's a good start :o) Good luck!

  2. I really like your fabric choices for Hemispheres!

  3. Your quilts are all so different, and interesting! I love the stars. Happy Sewing!