15 January 2014

January Lucky Star BOM

We are half way through January already and I finished my Lucky Stars January block.  Must be a good sign and hopefully I can stay on track.  Even slicing my finger with a rotary cutter has not slowed down my sewing.  Thank god it was on my left hand otherwise it might be another story.  

So for my January block Sparkling Star I enlarged the 12" block by 200% and I thought it would come out to 24" block. It did not but  23" is close.   This is the largest paper piecing that I have ever done.  

Thanks for stopping by and visiting.  


1 comment:

  1. You were dead lucky with that finger! I know a lady who completely sliced the top off her finger. She had it sewn back on with micro-surgery, and last I heard it was OK.