04 January 2014

Lucky Stars BOM 2014

I think last year I got a bit addicted to Block of the Month and Quilt-Alongs.  They are so much fun, but I think I will have to slow down this year if I am going to get anything else done.   I really have a thing for paper piece blocks so I joined the Lucky Stars BOM again. How could I resist?  I was so happy with how my blocks turned out last year.  This year I am going to use Brown, Cream, Orange and Green for my color way. 

I completed the practice block Blazing Star and am very happy with my fabric selection. 

Last year I did both the 6" & 12" blocks each month but this year I am going to mix it up and some of the months I will do 6", some 12" and some of them I will enlarge to make 24" blocks.  Well that is what I am hoping for.  I have a layout in my head for this quilt but just have to see if I can pull it all together.  The practice block is 12".  I also might make a couple of the size of each block if I find I need more to fill the quilt out.  I love making big cozy quilts; little ones are really no use in my house.  

I plan on making January's block as a 24" so hope to have it completed in the next day or so to share. 

Thank you for stopping by and visiting. 

Linking up today with Kristy @ Quiet Play's Paper Piecing Party



  1. I like your first block - lovely fabric choices. Your plans sound interesting re the different block sizes. I will follow your progress with interest (-:

  2. My favourite colours together, you sure have pulled them together beautifully :)

  3. Great first block! Love those hedgies!

  4. Looks great! I signed up for another year of Lucky Stars too, though I am still finishing last year's. They are addicitive once you get going!

  5. That sound like a wonderful idea! I love mixing different sizes of patterns. I should do that more too!