12 January 2014

Skill Builder BOM 2013 Finish up

I did include this quilt as a finish for 2013 since I did get the top done and in my book that is a finish. I tired to finish this up before the New Year but I did not like the backs of my blocks. So I designed a back for it but ran out of the grey tonal background fabric.  I am excited that I was able to find some more at the Joann's a few towns over. 

Here is what my back looks like before I added on the boarders. I love the quilting but just did not think the backing fabric out fully. Oh well sometimes it is like that.  

I will stitch in the joining fabric area to attach it to the new backing that I am made for this quilt. I glued in 1/2" stripes of batting between the blocks on the fabric that connected the blocks together.  

For the borders I did not follow Alyssa's instructions exactly, just because I like mine to be a bit different that's just how I am some times. I also used my longarm to quilt the boarders just to save some time.  I do like how the whole thing has turned out.  I made a scrappy binding from all the fabric I used on the top.  


My long arm does not have channel locks to keep the wheels in place to do straight line quilting but i used these orange quilter clamps. That I found at Create for Less website. 
I clamped wheels on both sides of the machine.  It works OK  but I think the vibration from quilting moves them a bit.  I did straight line quilting on the joining fabric between blocks and then where I joined the boarders together to attach the back to the front. 

Here is some close-up shots of my boarder quilting. 

I was not going to add more batting to this quilt but I just was in the routine of loading the quilt and well this one ended up with double batting.  It is very warm and heavy.  The finished size is 78" x 92".

Skill Builder 2013 was such a great quilt along and I am so glad that I joined in.  Alyssa did such a wonderful job with the tutorials and videos. I have learned some many new things this year.  It is still available on her web page pileofabric.com.

Thank you for stopping by and visiting. 



  1. This is gorgeous! Thank you for sharing. I feel so inspired. :)

  2. The quilting is so pretty! I bet you'll be glad you have that double batting with the way the weather has been.

  3. I like the grey tonal fabric a lot. It really speaks volumes with all the skill builder blocks you created! The quilting is gorgeous throughout!

  4. I adore your color palette and the border quilting looks wonderful!

  5. I see angela's free motion quilting book and some of my other favorites! I like to keep them handy when i'm quilting or designing the quilting before I start working on it. : )