28 February 2014

A Lovely Year of Finishes - February Goal Complete

My goal for ALYOF for February was quilting and binding my Impromptu Quilt, originally blogged here. I am so excited to share with you my completed Impromptu Quilt.  I purchased some 108" wide quilt backing by Kaufman in Aqua for the backing.  I think it works with the front nicely. I used Wild Thyme by Carolyn Gavin/ Lilla Rogers Studio for P&B Textiles from my stash.  

Here are some close up shots of the quilting, it does not show up in the other pictures very well.  

I also whipped up a little thread catcher for my long arm this week using this free pattern.  I did add a little loop so I could hang it from my machine. 

Super handy and will keep my floor a little less thread covered. 

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27 February 2014

The Library Project - February Progress Link Up

Not much happening on The Library Project goals this month.  I originally blogged about my goals here.  So glad that these are goals for the year so I have plenty of time to get them completed.  I started working on my Tipsy City Quilt from Quilting Modern by Jacquie Modern & Katie Pedersen. This is going to be my entry for the Pantone Challenge so I really must get a move on as the link party opens on March 14th. 

I still have a long way to go but here is where I am up to.


I am a bit worried that the aqua seems to be really catching my eye but I am sure once I finish playing I will have toned it down some I hope.  

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25 February 2014

Finish Along Quarter 1 - Frames Quilt Complete

I finished up another quilt this month it was my second goal for FAL QTR 1, originally blogged here

This one is Frames that I tested for Aria Lane.  I quilted the heck out of this one.  I used Quilting Wide Open Space by Judi Madsen as my inspiration for this quilt.  The book came with templates for the butterflies, dragonflies and the pointy flowers. I did a mixture of ruler work and free motion to fill the background and boxes.  This is also the first time I used two layers of Warm and Natural in a quilt.  


Here are some close up shots. 

This quilt was a lot of work but I am really happy with how it turned out.  Not perfect but I am getting better so that is what counts. 

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22 February 2014

Star Light Star Bright Catch Up

Well missed the weekly assignment link up for the Star Light Star Bright QAL but I did finish them yesterday.  I am making five blocks so I had a lot of HST's to make and trim. I really thought this step was never going to end.  I did find a couple tips that really helped to speed up the process.  First I used my wrapping paper cutter clamped to my ironing board to cut all the chained pieces apart.  

Then I used my new True Cut Ruler and Rotary to cut the squares apart. Cutting four at a time such a time saver.

After cutting all the squares apart I had a huge pile of triangles and was not really looking forward to pressing and trimming.  Then I remembered a few weeks ago I pinned this tutorial from Little Miss Shabby for Epic HST Trimming.  Then in my blogger feed this morning I saw that Amy at Diary of a Quilter was showing a similar technique using the Quilt In A Day Triangle Square up Ruler.  I don't have one of these rulers but it is a very clever tip too.  I guess everyone is thinking about HST this week. :)

Here is what my pile of HST's waiting for pressing after all the trimming was complete.  

Then the lovely pile of pressed HST's, so pretty. 

Since I had all the HST's pressed I just whipped up this weeks assignment of piecing the center blocks.  YEAH!  It is all coming together now. 

I have been working on a few other things this week testing a pattern for Aria Lane and getting started on some of my other goals that I have set for myself.  I really hoped this week to load my February goal for A Lovely Year of Finishes.  This did not work out though, when I was ironing the backing fabric I found some holes right in the middle of the fabric so I had to wait for replacement fabric to arrive.  UPS says it is out for delivery today but it is 6.30PM and I am still waiting.  We have had some crazy windy weather here in Michigan today so I am sure that is slowing deliveries down.  So if it comes tonight then I will get it loaded up tomorrow so I will be able to link up by the end of next week.  

Since nothing was loaded on my frame I put some practice fabric on so I could put in some practice time.  Here is a bit of my practice from this week. 

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19 February 2014

Finish Along Quarter 1 - Hemisphere Quilt Complete

I am starting to check off some of my goals for the Finish Along QTR 1, I have 4 goals set for the first quarter.  Originally posted about here

My first goal was to quilt and bind my Hemisphere quilt top, finished this up on the weekend. Just needed to wait for the sun to shine to get some pictures. 

Some close up shot of the quilting, I did a different design in each color. 

Here is the back, I love how the quilting looks. 

Now to go put the binding on my Frames quilt and I will be half way through my first quarter goals. 

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17 February 2014

Ellie Travel Case

A few weeks ago Heidi at Fabric Mutt released this really cute tutorial called Ellie Travel Case. I love small bags and knew I had to make this. I cut the pieces out in between other projects and then was able to get right to assembling on another day.   This was so easy to whip up and turned out so cute.  It is so cute I am using it as my purse right now and it is still to big for me.  I really hate carrying to much around with me.  

I even managed to line everything up when sewing it together.  Which was a bit tricky as the assembly is like you would use on a zipper pouch. 

I used Essex Yarn Linen in Flax for the base.  Kona Plum for the lining and handles.  The main print is Flowerpop Zesty from Bari J line called Lilly Belle for Art Gallery Fabrics.  

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16 February 2014

Crafty Traveller Tote - Complete

Finished sewing down the binding on my Crafty Traveller Tote last night and was so happy when the sun decided to make an appearance this morning so I could get pictures.  Yeah Sun!  

I originally blogged about this bag here. Jennifer of Ellison Lane wrote a great tutorial for this bag, very easy to follow.  I am very much a beginner when it comes to totes and bags so I am so glad to have tackled this tutorial.  

I have also been working on finishing up a few quilts that are in various stages can't wait to show you all, hopefully next week I will have finished them up.  I am finishing the quilting up on my Frames quilt today this has really taken a long time to quilt.  I might of went a bit crazy with the quilting but I think it fits the quilt perfectly.  

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12 February 2014

Ruby Red Dot Blocks 3 and 4

Wow, got my appliqué blocks completed early this month.  The cutting out is the most time consuming part of these blocks. I am using freezer paper and starch to fold the edges over.  Really should of just used fusible interfacing and left raw edges these blocks would have gone a whole lot faster.  These blocks went much better then last month so I am very happy.  I do not recommend using freeze paper and glue, which is what was recommended in this modern appliqué book I picked up.  Does not work nicely at all.  

Here are the first four blocks together.  Yes, the sun did come out in Michigan today,  Amazing. 

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11 February 2014

Lots of geese flying here

This weeks assignment was to make the flying geese blocks for the Star Light Star Bright Quilt Along.  Melissa has a great tutorial on how to make no waste flying geese, they really whip up very fast.  Thank goodness since I had 80 to make. 

I worked up how I am planning to layout my quilt.  I am making 4 - 24" blocks and 1 - 48" block.  I will carry over the Kona Navy from the block background to fill in the space between the corner blocks and for the boarder.  Now to wait for Wednesday when the next assignment of half square triangle is assigned. 

I got a wonderful package of fabric in the mail from Australia this weekend.  Full of fabric goodness from Braidwood Heritage Crafts on Etsy.  Rita at Red Pepper Fabrics shared here Sunday Stash #215 a couple weeks ago and I knew I just has to have some.  I really love Rita's Sunday Stashes such a lovely assortment of fabric eye candy.  

I picked up a fat quarter bundle of  Terra Australis - outback color way by an Australian Designer called Emma Jean Jansen.  This is a lovely Australian collection of fabric.  My husband and I have lived in Australia for 8 years and our first born was born in New South Wales so Australia will always be special for us.  I have been wanting to make a quilt to remember our time that we had there and this fabric will be a great reminder without being to novelty heavy.  (even through I have some of that too) :)

Since shipping is not cheap between Australia and USA I made sure to fill the package to the brim.  So I picked some half meter cuts of Saffron Craig's Banksia Bloom fabric line and a half meter cut of Valley View Yellow Texture print.  

Then to finish off the package I picked a fat quarter of Saffron Craig's Wombat Wonderland.  I LOVE wombats! I hope to turn the wombat print into a wallet.  How cute is that wombat. 

Now I need to go finish up the binding on my Crafty Traveler Tote and Hemisphere quilt (A Finish Along QTR1 Goal)  so I can show you them later this week.  I am still waiting on my backing fabric to arrive for my Impromptu quilt (A Lovely Year of Finishes - February Goal).  I think it is scheduled for delivery tomorrow but I have my Frames quilt (A Finish Along QTR1 Goal) loaded up on the machine right now; so hopefully by the end of the week I will be able to get it loaded up.  Here is a peek at how I am quilting the Frames quilt. 

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07 February 2014

Globetrotter - February

February's block is called Venice and I would love to go there one day.  But I would love to go to most places as I love to have a look around. This block was very easy to do and finished up at 10.5" square. 

It looks so good together with the DC block.  I am really going to enjoy this quilt. 

Now time to go make  some binding for my Hemispheres quilt that I finished quilting up yesterday.  I have already loaded the next one to be quilted on the frame too.  I do think I might be on a roll. 

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06 February 2014

Lucky Stars 2014 - February and Winner of Giveaway

Whipped up my February star for the Lucky Stars BOM this week.  I did the 6" block for this month it went together so nicely.  Seems I should of used the lint roller on the block before taking a picture sorry about that. 

Mostly this week I have been working on quilting my Hemisphere quilt that is on my Finish Along list for the 1st quarter goal list.  As you can see I am almost to the bottom of the quilt. Exciting!

Here is a close up of some of the quilting.  I am doing matchstick quilting in the red and a zig zag on the blue.  Once it is done I will get some better pictures to show what I did.  

Also did all the cutting for my Star Light Star Bright Quilt Along over on Happy Quilting. This was a lot of cutting.  There are over 200 4" squares. I had to swap a few of the blues out as I did not have enough for the project but I love how they all look together. 

Finally I want to thank everyone for stopping by and commenting on my blog post from earlier in the week.  The winner of the $25 gift certificate is Betsy.  Congratulations I will send you an email with your prize shortly. Happy Shopping. :)

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05 February 2014

Scraps, Scraps and More Scraps

I think that I might have a bit of scrap overflow going on.  What do you think?

Well this was about double a few weeks ago when my mom was so nice and came over got started sorting them while I was quilting on the long arm.  Great mom right?   :) 

Here is what the rest of the scraps are looking like.  

See I took the time when I moved into my room a few years ago to sort them all in into boxes by color.  But as you can see the boxes are overflowing and I have had to resort to stashing some in plastic bags. I even have taken the time last year to cut a bunch of scraps up into strips or squares of different sizes. 

As you can see even these boxes are over flowing. Boy maybe I do have a bit of a problem or maybe I will just get bigger boxes then it won't look so bad. :)  I have added to my to do list for the year to get these under control and so far I have gotten a really good start on them.  I sorted the big box into color piles. So pretty...

I was able to gently stuff these into the boxes below and a few had to go into the over flow bags.  Now I am in the process of going through each color and getting rid of the stuff that realistically just are to small and tossing them out (what I can bare to part with that is) then I am cutting up the rest to various squares and strips what ever it takes to get it under control.  I have even sorted the stripes into large and small boxes.  

I thought it might be easier when I find a project to do with them.  I do have 2 Library Projects planned that will be done with scraps. Hopefully I will find lots of little projects too.   

At night while watching TV and worked on the blue bin since it was the biggest. Now I have a nice stack of squares and strips to play with. 

I still have so much more to cut up but I am glad I made a start.  

I played around with some of the 4" squares I had and did a simple plus sign quilt for draping over my long arm to keep the dust off.  It measures 35" x 49".   I am using this to lay over my long arm to keep the dust off when I am not able to quilt. 

Really wish the sun was out today so the picture would be better.  I used some pink tonal polka dot fabric for the binding, hard to tell in the picture.  Here are some close up shots of the quilting.  I tried to do a different design in each plus but some are hard to see in the main picture. (sorry very picture heavy) 

I also used the left over blocks from the Prism quilt to make two 15" square pillow covers. 
Front and Back of Pillow Covers.
Does anyone else have a scrap problem?  I hope I am not alone.  

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