17 February 2014

Ellie Travel Case

A few weeks ago Heidi at Fabric Mutt released this really cute tutorial called Ellie Travel Case. I love small bags and knew I had to make this. I cut the pieces out in between other projects and then was able to get right to assembling on another day.   This was so easy to whip up and turned out so cute.  It is so cute I am using it as my purse right now and it is still to big for me.  I really hate carrying to much around with me.  

I even managed to line everything up when sewing it together.  Which was a bit tricky as the assembly is like you would use on a zipper pouch. 

I used Essex Yarn Linen in Flax for the base.  Kona Plum for the lining and handles.  The main print is Flowerpop Zesty from Bari J line called Lilly Belle for Art Gallery Fabrics.  

Thank you for stopping by and visiting.  


edited** linking up with Ellison Lane crafty traveller bag.


  1. Oh wow!! What a gorgeous bag. I love the fabrics you have chosen. A girl can never have too many bags...and you will get many an envious look sashaying about town carrying this beauty!! Gorgeous photos in that wintry wonderland of yours!!

  2. Very cute! I have a zipper phobia but I keep seeing so many cute bags it makes me want to try. I found you through Show and Tell Tuesday!

  3. Super cute Ellie bag! It's on my list too!! Stunning main fabric... I gotta look that up. It looks great with the other fabrics too. Amazing.

  4. Cute! Very pretty fabric choices. :)
    Thanks for linking up!