05 February 2014

Scraps, Scraps and More Scraps

I think that I might have a bit of scrap overflow going on.  What do you think?

Well this was about double a few weeks ago when my mom was so nice and came over got started sorting them while I was quilting on the long arm.  Great mom right?   :) 

Here is what the rest of the scraps are looking like.  

See I took the time when I moved into my room a few years ago to sort them all in into boxes by color.  But as you can see the boxes are overflowing and I have had to resort to stashing some in plastic bags. I even have taken the time last year to cut a bunch of scraps up into strips or squares of different sizes. 

As you can see even these boxes are over flowing. Boy maybe I do have a bit of a problem or maybe I will just get bigger boxes then it won't look so bad. :)  I have added to my to do list for the year to get these under control and so far I have gotten a really good start on them.  I sorted the big box into color piles. So pretty...

I was able to gently stuff these into the boxes below and a few had to go into the over flow bags.  Now I am in the process of going through each color and getting rid of the stuff that realistically just are to small and tossing them out (what I can bare to part with that is) then I am cutting up the rest to various squares and strips what ever it takes to get it under control.  I have even sorted the stripes into large and small boxes.  

I thought it might be easier when I find a project to do with them.  I do have 2 Library Projects planned that will be done with scraps. Hopefully I will find lots of little projects too.   

At night while watching TV and worked on the blue bin since it was the biggest. Now I have a nice stack of squares and strips to play with. 

I still have so much more to cut up but I am glad I made a start.  

I played around with some of the 4" squares I had and did a simple plus sign quilt for draping over my long arm to keep the dust off.  It measures 35" x 49".   I am using this to lay over my long arm to keep the dust off when I am not able to quilt. 

Really wish the sun was out today so the picture would be better.  I used some pink tonal polka dot fabric for the binding, hard to tell in the picture.  Here are some close up shots of the quilting.  I tried to do a different design in each plus but some are hard to see in the main picture. (sorry very picture heavy) 

I also used the left over blocks from the Prism quilt to make two 15" square pillow covers. 
Front and Back of Pillow Covers.
Does anyone else have a scrap problem?  I hope I am not alone.  

Thank you for stopping by and visiting.  


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  1. Your quilting is fantastic! I have a plus quilt here waiting for me to quilt it and I love your idea of a different design in each plus! Thanks for linking up :)

  2. That is seriously lot of scraps. I hope you do some nice rainbow projects out of them :-)

  3. Oh I wish I had that scrap problem! My scrap bin is just one bin and I've pretty much exhausted all the viable pieces for bee blocks. Maybe someday I can compete ; )

  4. Sarah -- be careful what you wish for! I have three bins, hot colours, cool colours, and neutrals and black and whites. I do include anything that's less than a quarter yard, either width of fabric or fat quarter, just because so many workshop projects call for fat quarters and it's so frustrating to find the perfect fabric and then realize you cut a corner out of it so it won't work.
    I make a lot of slab blocks (see my blog for examples and links). They are a great FAST way to use up scraps.
    Also for the tiny bits that are not usable, check around your area to see if any of the thrift stores will accept them. One of our local stores does. I think they sell them on for recycling into industrial rags and stuffing materials. I sort all of that stuff together, including ripped worn out clothing, and hand it to them in a bag separate from the gently used clothes that might actually make someone's day.