13 April 2014

Improv Round Robin The Beginning

I joined a Round Robin Group that was organized in Modern Quilting Facebook Group that I belong to.  This is the first time I  have joined anything like this.  I decided I wanted my quilt to stick to certain colors and am very anxious to see how everyone adds on to my starter piece.  I wanted a quilt with shades of black, grey and white, with pops of yellow.  

I think my starter block measures roughly 13" x 17" and honestly I could of kept going.  I pulled my scrap bins of yellow and black out and dumped them on my table and pawed through them to find just the right fabric to use.  

See this is what my table looked like this morning.  Huge disaster right? 

Happy to report it is cleaned up now and with the added bonus of cleaning up two more of my over flowing scrap bins.  This little improv was so much fun to make and I realized I really need to do a bit more improv and very soon.  

Now that my black/grey scrap bin is a bit tidier now I will be able to start preparing to do one of my projects from my Library Project  list.  I will be using them to make my version of Rapid City from Modern Patchwork by Elizabeth Hartman.

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  1. I swear it takes longer to pick out the fabrics and clean up for scrappy than it does to make it, lol! Love your block and thank you for linking up to SEWjo Saturday!