25 April 2014

The Library Project April Check In

Another month is just about over, really I am not sure where the month has gone.  The kids are already counting down to the end of school and it seems like they just started.  Well there has not been a little action on my Library Projects this month.  I cut out the fabric for my Windows Sewing Machine Cover that I am doing from Fresh Quilting by Malka Dubrawsky. 

I am using aqua, pale yellow and orange for the squares and the background is Kona Indigo but it is really hard to tell from the photo.  

The pale yellow print with flowers is a vintage fabric from my husband's grandma.  When we cleaned out her house she had mostly polyester fabric for making clothes but there was a few vintage fabrics that I added to my stash.  Here is a bigger picture of the vintage fabric, there was not much of it only about 34" x 11".  There was no salvage on it so I don't know any details about it or what she made with it.   It is so sweet and simple. Love it!

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  1. This fabric is so lovely! I am loving the color combo. Thanks for Linking up at TLP!

  2. I love the vintage fabric! I received a lot of vintage fabrics from a friend and I've used only a small portion so far because there was a lot but it just feels so good to be using up fabric that may have been thrown out otherwise. Can't wait to see the sewing machine cover :)