15 May 2014

Round Robin Add On - Royalee's Quilt

I took a leap this year and joined a Round Robin that was organized by the Modern Quilting Facebook Group.  I have never joined anything like this and am scared to death of messing up someones quilt.   To start out the round I was sent this starter block by Royalee.  

I have had this hanging on my design wall for weeks now and just did not know what I wanted to do. When others in my group started showing there additions I figured I need to get moving as it need to be sent to the next person in the group by Friday.  Now the pressure is on.  

On Mothers Day I got to spend some time in my sewing room (don't usually get to sew on weekends) and I made my addition to Royalee's quilt. 

This is my first truly scrappy project and completely out of my comfort zone.  I like scrappy improv but in the past I have tried to limit the amount of colors.  Here it is all sewn together.  Now to pass it on to the next person so they can add there part. 

Thank you for stopping by and visiting. 


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