30 June 2014

Globetrotting June and then some

So Friday was a great sewing day for me.  Both boys were away with Grandparents and I got to spend the whole day in my studio.  Yeah me!

I pulled out my fabric for the June Globetrotting block and whipped that block up. 

I finished up another custom pouch for a cousin.  I think it turned out great considering I was working from a tracing of a wallet that she wanted to be able to fit inside it.  I included an magnetic snap to help keep it closed and sprayed it with fabric protector to help keep it clean.  Measures 


 I even cut out another Two Zip Hipster Bag, this one is for my mom for her birthday which was last week.  A bit late but I had to wait for hardware anyway. 

Loaded another Un-finished Quilt onto the frame.  Not totally sure what I am going to do for the quilting but it is loaded and bobbins are wound and waiting. 

Even managed to start cutting out another quilt that I am testing for Amy @ Sew Incredibly Crazy.  

Hopefully this week I will be able to sneak back in my studio to work on some of these and my Lucky Star Blocks that I am two months behind on. 

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27 June 2014

Two Zip Hipster

A few rainy days here in Michigan has given me a bit of extra time in my sewing room while the video games entertained the kids.  My Aunt asked me to make her a bag to take on her upcoming trip to Ireland. (Super jealous, I so want to visit there.)  So she wanted something not to big but not super small.  I just happened to pin a bag a couple days ago that What about Orange did a pattern review for a few years ago. I knew right away that is what she needed to have.  

Her fabric selection was easy black and white with maybe a bit of red thrown in.  So I had a look in my stash and found the perfect print that met all of her requirements.  The pattern is called Two Zip Hipster by Dog Under My Desk

The bag finished up 9" x 11".  The strap is adjustable so it can be carried across the body or just over the shoulder.  This pattern was not to bad to put together, just I am not very good at following directions.  :)   No one local seems to carry bag hardware so I found the adjustable bag strap hardware on Etsy at Michelle's Patterns

I think I will need to make one for my Etsy shop. Did I tell you I started an Etsy shop? Can't remember if I did or not.  Well I have one now, thought I would see how it goes.  Currently is has a few things that I have made that are just sitting on the shelf and I would love for them to find homes to be loved.  So if you are interested go check it out.  I hope to add a few totes/bags in the next few weeks if I can focus and get a move on.  

I also do custom work just drop me a email and I would love to discuss options.  

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24 June 2014

A Lovely Year of Finishes June Goal - Complete

It is not even the end of the month and I finished up my June goal for ALYOF.  Sad is this is only my 5th post this month which means I have not really got much sewing done.  

These pillows turned out so nice and bright.  I love them!

These pillow covers measure 22" and 23" squares.  No pattern followed just cut and sewed fabric back together. I made the panels and then loaded them on my long arm to quilt them.  I love doing free motion and just going with the moment. 

Some of my stitch in the ditch did not totally hit the ditch but I am a bit rusty on the machine as there as not been to much time for it lately.  Still I think they turned out fantastic and I already changed out with the old ones on the sofa.  

Now I have a couple weeks up my sleeve to figure out what I will make for my July goal, I think I will stick with small goals so I can get all excited if I actually get to accomplish more.  

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22 June 2014

Lots Going On

Sorry I have not been around in a while to share some quilting eye candy but things have been a bit crazy around here.  For starters the boys are out of school for summer break and that always means less sewing.  We also decided to sell our house and move back to Australia so there is all that preparation going on. 

The house was listed on the market last Thursday and now I just have to keep it tidy for showings.  Paperwork and plans are under way for moving back down under so hopefully it is smooth sailing from here.

I did manage to sneak into my sewing room this week and finished up my sewing machine cover.  I have been working on it for a few months now.  Which is one of my Library Projects for the year so I can actually check off a goal.  I can't tell you how excited that makes me. :)   I left the side ties off from my version so if I get sick of it or just need to change it out, I can use it as a mini wallhanging or a table topper. 

For the back I used a vintage sheet. 

I also pieced two pillow covers and quilted them, they are for my A Lovely Year of Finishes goal for June, just need to do the back and zipper. Here is a peek. 

I also cut out a small bag for my aunt to take on her trip to Ireland in July. There are so many pieces for bags.   

I am behind on a lot of my project but hopeful to catch up but not sure if that will happen before the big move.

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11 June 2014

Crafty Sampler Block of the Month 2012 - Completed

I finished putting the binding on my Crafty BOM this weekend (a second quarter goal), sitting at a yard sale all day helped me get it done.   This one I tried not to quilt it as much as I have my other quilts.  My husband complains that they are not warm so I will see what he thinks of this one, not sure how a quilt is not warm.  In the negative space I used circle templates and then did random free form fillers for each of them.  

The back I just did improv and tried to use fabric from the top.  

Here are some close ups of the quilting. 

For the binding I used the orange haystack print from Madrona Road Collection by Violet Craft for Michael Miller Fabrics.  This one finished in at 64" x 82".

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07 June 2014

A Lovely Year of Finishes - June Goal

Ok since last month I failed at my Lovely Year of Finishes and did not get my top finished I will go with a small goal this month.  I need to make two new pillow covers for my large living room pillows.

I even picked out some fabric already so I figure that makes me 25% done with the task already.

So here is to hoping I can actually finish something this month.

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06 June 2014

Teacher Gift

This week is the last week of school for my boys so of course I choose this week to have a yard sale.  Way to much work goes in to yard sale but hopefully we will be able to clear some of the clutter away.  I did manage to whip up one tote for a teachers gift.   They are so quick to make and last ones received last year are still talked about this year to I guess that is a clear sign they are loved. 

I used Patty Young's Wildflowers in Navy from her ModKid Collection at Joann's.   I paired it with some small white dots on pink for the handles.   I lined the outside with batting and did some straight line quilting to hold the layers together. 

The inside of the bag I used a print I picked up a while ago at Joann's with letters, seemed fitting for a teacher.  The bag is reversible so she can use it either way.  

I hope tonight to be able to make binding and attach to my Craftys BOM 2012, then I will be able to stitch away as I am tending to the garage sale.  

The oldest son's teacher I was not sure what to make him but he mentioned to the kids that he spends a lot of time at Barnes and Nobles so I just picked up a gift card for him to get some summer reading. Easy peasy.  

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01 June 2014

A Lovely Year of Finishes - Not Complete

Well it is the end of the month again and this month has just been to busy and I did not make my goal this month.   I have all the pieces cut out but that is about as far as I got, what a total bummer.  So I guess I will share with you the bit I have done over the last week, I shared on Instagram but not here yet. 

So here is how the May Lovely Year of Finishes looks, not complete.

I pieced the sections for week 3 of the Art Quilt, Girl in the Wind that I am doing.  This is part of my Finish Along Qtr 2 goals so hopefully this will be done by the end of next month.

My sewing machine cover which is part of my Library Project Goals is cut and and I have the background attached to the blocks just need to finish sewing the rows and finish it off.

I am working on another bag for my cousin, the last one was a bit small for her wallet.  I am just designing it as I go along.  I started with just a tracing of her wallet.  I have fused batting to the back of the pieces and just need to quilt and finish the final assembly.

I also sketched up my entry for the Michael Miller Challenge for the Modern Quilt Guild.  Here is a peek.  Hopefully will start piecing in the next few weeks.

I took my Craftys BOM 2012 off the frame yesterday so I need to square that up and make some binding.  Here is  a peek at the back.  I will share more once the binding is on.

No progress on my May Lucky Star block, I did print the paper pieces but that is about it.  

I also got a start on my Ruby Red Dot blocks by tracing the pieces onto freezer paper, ironing the fabric and cutting out the shapes.  Now I just need to  starch the edges under and I will be ready to assembly the blocks. 

Wow, I do have a bit started just not many finishes.  I really need to focus so I can start checking things off.  Hopefully after this week is finished I can get back into the swing of completing projects.  

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