24 June 2014

A Lovely Year of Finishes June Goal - Complete

It is not even the end of the month and I finished up my June goal for ALYOF.  Sad is this is only my 5th post this month which means I have not really got much sewing done.  

These pillows turned out so nice and bright.  I love them!

These pillow covers measure 22" and 23" squares.  No pattern followed just cut and sewed fabric back together. I made the panels and then loaded them on my long arm to quilt them.  I love doing free motion and just going with the moment. 

Some of my stitch in the ditch did not totally hit the ditch but I am a bit rusty on the machine as there as not been to much time for it lately.  Still I think they turned out fantastic and I already changed out with the old ones on the sofa.  

Now I have a couple weeks up my sleeve to figure out what I will make for my July goal, I think I will stick with small goals so I can get all excited if I actually get to accomplish more.  

Thank you for stopping by and visiting. 



  1. they are really cute, and your machine quilting is fantastic. Good job. I am hoping to get back on track soon.

  2. Abbey, Again Your Work Amazes Me! Unique, Colorful And Beautiful!!

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  4. Small projects are the best for practicing different quilting designs and having fun!
    Your pillows look terrific!

  5. They are really cute pillows and your quilting is great!

  6. I wouldn't have noticed the "missed ditch" at all - but I did notice your lovely quilting... You do such beautiful stitching.