30 June 2014

Globetrotting June and then some

So Friday was a great sewing day for me.  Both boys were away with Grandparents and I got to spend the whole day in my studio.  Yeah me!

I pulled out my fabric for the June Globetrotting block and whipped that block up. 

I finished up another custom pouch for a cousin.  I think it turned out great considering I was working from a tracing of a wallet that she wanted to be able to fit inside it.  I included an magnetic snap to help keep it closed and sprayed it with fabric protector to help keep it clean.  Measures 


 I even cut out another Two Zip Hipster Bag, this one is for my mom for her birthday which was last week.  A bit late but I had to wait for hardware anyway. 

Loaded another Un-finished Quilt onto the frame.  Not totally sure what I am going to do for the quilting but it is loaded and bobbins are wound and waiting. 

Even managed to start cutting out another quilt that I am testing for Amy @ Sew Incredibly Crazy.  

Hopefully this week I will be able to sneak back in my studio to work on some of these and my Lucky Star Blocks that I am two months behind on. 

Thank you for stopping by and visiting. 


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  1. Uninterrupted time in the studio is a beautiful thing! I can't wait to see how you tackle the quilt you've just loaded. What a smart idea to spray bags with fabric protector. What do you use?