08 July 2014

Finish Along Quarter 3 Goals

Third quarter has snuck up on me.  With the house on the market and the endless cleaning to keep it looking presentable   Kids are like tornado's especially when you are trying to keep a clean house, dirt just follows them in the door.   Sewing has had to take a back seat.  I am hoping to change that this quarter.  I really want to finish up a couple quilts tops that I have had sitting on my shelf before our big move back down under.  

So for this quarter my goals are to finish 3 quilts.  Not even sure how I am going to do this but I will just get moving and see how it goes.   The binding will be the killer part as it takes so long to hand bind. 

1.) Dancing Stars - the background is various navy fabric but the picture makes it look more like purple.  This was on my original 1st Quarter goal but I just never got it quilted so I am going to try again. 

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  1. Oh those dancing stars are a UFO in my pile too, but didn't make it on the list for this quarter, maybe next?? Your list looks nice and straightforeward. Good luck with finishing them all

  2. Wow, really loving the forest quilt and the lucky stars quilt.

  3. Wishing you the best on your 3QTR goals. Luvin the Forest kwilt.

  4. I love the forest quilt - such amazing paper piecing!