26 July 2014

MQG Michael Miller Challenge

Edit:  There are a lot of awesome projects entered into this competition.  I made it to the top 9 out of 750 entries for my Michael Miller Challenge Quilt.  I am in shock and doing the happy dance!  MQG wanted a name for my quilt and honestly I don't really name my quilts but just did not wanted to say untitled, so I had my husband named it for me.  He is good like that. :)  He also named my first pattern for me.  This quilt he named "Keperra".  Which is a suburb in Brisbane Australia.  Michael Miller will pick the top 3 and winners will be announced on Friday 1st of August.  

So excited to share with you today my entry for the Modern Quilt Guilds Michael Miller Fabric Challenge.  The MQG gave members a fat 1/8th bundle of fabric to play with and we could add more Michael Miller print fabric or more solids from any manufacture.  I purchased more of the challenge fabric and added some couture cotton to the prints. 

I designed this quilt just by playing around with graph paper and color pencils.  I did not want to cut the fabric up to much as I wanted to make sure you could see the design on the fabric.  I included a mix of half square triangles and bigger rectangle and squares.  I even threw in some tricky seam sewing just to add to the fun.  Really I did not think out the contraction that much beyond the design on the paper.  Each square on the paper was going to be 2 inches so I counted up the squares to make each piece and added 1/2 inch.  I cut and sewed my way across the design. 

I quilted this on my Juki TL2200QVP long arm machine using Glide thread.  I tried to assign a free motion design to each of the different fabrics I think this helps move the eyes through the quilt.  The boarder area I tried to do a mix of straight lines, circles and curves to build a frame around the center.  

I also designed the back for this quilt using left over fabric from the front.

The finished size is 41" tall by 48 1/2" wide.  I have not decide if I will hang this on my studio wall or it would also make an awesome modern baby quilt.  This also finishes off my July goal for A Lovely Year of Finishes

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  1. What a bright, colorful quilt! I would make a great baby quilt. And your quilting is amazing!

  2. Love the mix of solids and prints, and the quilting is just fantastic!

  3. This is an amazing quilt! I saw your post on the mqg site and was immediately impressed by it, and more impressed that it was a pattern you drafted yourself. Your fmq looks really good on it too, especially the green border. Good luck!

  4. Gorgeous! I love the quilting on it, it really enhances the pattern.

  5. Wow, stunning work. Love the pattern you've created. The quilting is amazing. You should keep it as a wall hanging.

  6. Great job. It will look great on your studio wall.

  7. It is amazing. The quilting is incredible. I am in awe. You really shine out as an excellent quilt designer and maker. And a pretty good blogger, too. Good photo descriptions. Enuf said. Happy Sewing.

  8. Awesome Abby! It is a real work of art!

  9. I love how the quilting shows on the back!!! I'd probably alternate between the two if it hung in my studio...one week front, one week back! :) Lots of great energy in this quilt.

  10. This is a wow two sided quilt! I vote for the studio (keep it)! Good luck!

    1. Just read the edit! Yippee! Congratulations!