04 August 2014

A Lovely Year of Finishes - August Goal

This month is going to be crazy if the sale of our house goes through so I have debating for days what I would do for my goal.  The inspection was this weekend so just waiting to hear if the guy still wants it.  I will have to pack the house up this month, find a rental, and get the kids ready to start school in September.  So I think things are going to get a bit crazy to say the least. Since this is not my first move I am sure everything will be fine just and I have September to look forward to as the kids will be back in school and I will have more time for sewing. 

Before I pack my long arm up I want to make one more quilt.  My oldest sons best friend asked if I would make him a quilt for his birthday this month.  Sure thing.  So I designed a paper piece pattern, cut the pieces and I have the blocks all made.  The stars are free paper piece patterns I found online.  I will give more details once I have completed the quilt.  

August goal to piece the top, quilt and bind it for my goal this month.  

Sorry for this really bad picture but I have to stand on a table and hold the camera above my head to get a picture as the long arm was in my way.  Guess I better get going pulling paper.  

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  1. That is going to be gorgeous when it's finished! I hope you sell quickly and that the whole process goes smoothly but you seem like a fairly organized gal so I'm sure you'll be fine! :-)