11 August 2014

Southern Cross

Well things are in full-blown craziness around here with the moving but I still managed to whip up a quilt.  Really this last minute stuff is becoming way to stressful and all stress that I put on myself for no reason.  Maybe that will be a goal for next year to plan better.  

This quilt came about because my oldest son's best friend asked me to make him a quilt of an Australia flag.  I didn't want to make a copy of a flag but making my own version is something I thought would be a great challenge.  Here is my sketch that I did on graph paper after a couple of days of thinking on what I would want to create.  

I used the Southern Cross constellation from the Australian flag for my primary for the quilt.  I broke up the background to give it more interest.  I turned this sketch into a paper piece pattern by using some quilters' paper.  I broke up the background into manageable pieces and cut out squares and rectangles to match.  Then I drew random lines on the paper. I pulled a selection of blues from my stash of prints and solids.   The seven and five pointed stars are also paper piece patterns that I found online for free.  I had to enlarge them a bit to be the size I had planned. 

This is what I ended up with -

I am very happy with how this turned out and actually went together very quickly.  I pieced, quilted and bound this in less then a week.  My son gave it to his friend on Friday afternoon right after I sewed on the label.   The finished size is 53" x 66".  It is backed with red flannel with white polka dots and bound with a stripped Denise Schmidt fabric from Joann's. I used variegated blue thread for the quilting. 

Here are some close ups of the quilting - 

My son's friend loves it so that is all that matters.  Oh here is the label I put on it.  I picked this small panel of Australian themed quilt labels when I was in Australia last.  Perfect for a Southern Cross quilt.  I just realized I should of added my city and state. Darn.  This is the first quilt in a long while that I actually remembered to put a label on so that has to count for something. 

This was all my entire goal for this month A Lovely Year of Finishes.  Plus I do not think I will really get much else done this month.  I do have two Round Robin quilts to add to and I hope to pull fabric before I pack it away. That will be the most I will do for August I am sure.

Now it is time to pack up my long arm machine to finish preparing to move.  We have to move to a small 2 bedroom for 3 months while we wait for our dogs to finish clearing import into Australia. I have pulled some small projects to work on and I am hoping to be able to whip up some carry on size bags for us to use for the plane ride.   

The best part about moving to a small apartment is the local quilt shop is a 5-minute walk from my front door.  hehehe  I bet my husband did not realize that.  I see many more yards of fabric migrating to Australia too. :)

Thank you for stopping by and visiting. 


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  1. It turned out really nice Abby!!

  2. So lovely to see it finished - it looks fantastic! And most importantly, he loves it - such a great design for a young man... Nice to know that quilters are inspiring children to appreciate the value of handmade!

  3. Wow Abby, that quilt design is amazing!!

  4. Very cool Abby! And walk on over anytime!