04 September 2014

Round Robin - Joy's Quilt

With the arrival of school I have been able to start catching up on my projects.  I have to admit it is very slow going but I am getting things done.   First project I pulled was Joy's quilt from the round robin that I am in.  This one I have been sitting on for many weeks as I was not sure what to add. 

I think the dark green was really throwing me off.  My cousins came up for a visit and saw the quilt on my design wall and suggested I transition from the green to the white slowly.  I used a Denyse Schmidt print to put a boarder around the darker green and then used a multi color fabric for scattered diamonds.  

I do hope Joy likes my addition and it is now on its way to the next person to add their creativity.  

Thank you for stopping by and visiting. 


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