08 October 2014

Finish Along 4th Quarter - Goals

 Last quarter I only managed to get one of the there quilts completed that I have marked as my finishes for the third quarter.  I am OK with that since there was good reason.  Selling a house and making for an international move takes a lot of time.

For the fourth quarter I am going to make it easy on myself since I only will have a sewing machine for about a month and half of the quarter.   All of my goals are going to be related to things I want to make for taking on the plane to keep everyone organized.

1)  Recover & Reuse - This passport carrier. 

It is totally boring so I picked up some great map fabric at Joann's that I am going to recover it with.  It should be just big enough to hold all our travel documents. 

2) Canvas Briefcase - This will be a finish for my husband.  He saw one online that he really liked but it was $150.  I told him I could make one for less then $50.  I am leery of this project as my husband is very particular.  He did not like my sewing pants I made him for Christmas a few years ago so I am not sure about making him things.  I have all the pieces cut out just need to finish sewing it together.  I really want to get this done so this is also my goal for October for A Lovely Year of Finishes.  I also had to create a pattern for this since I could not find a pattern any where online. 

3) Messenger Bags - I need/want to make two messenger bags for the boys to carry there electronics and maybe a couple snacks in for the trip.  They already picked out fabric I just need to cut and put together.  Not sure why they both are so in love with mustaches. Must be a boy thing. 

4) Weekender Bag - Now you don't think I was going to forget myself do you?  I bought this pattern ages ago and had it sitting by my rulers to remind myself that I really need to make this.  I have not picked out the fabric yet but I will get one done as I have to be able to carry my laptop on the plane along with a few other essentials.

So this is my goals for the fourth quarter might be a lot for me to do in a month and a half but I will push myself to get them done.  Determination and a deadline is a real driving force some times.

I finished organizing our move this week so I should be able to spend the few hours a day that I am not playing taxi driver completing these final goals for the year.  

Thank you for stopping by and visiting.


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