31 December 2014

Goodbye 2014, Welcome 2015

It has been a great year that has truly flown by.  I want to thank all of you for stopping by my blog and visiting.  I love sharing my creations and so glad that I have some followers who enjoy my creations.  Really never thought that would happen.  

2014 started out with a winter that just would not end for my family in Midland, Michigan and has ended with us soaking up the sun in Brisbane, Australia.  

In 2014 I was finally able to get some of my backlog of quilt tops quilted and also added a few more to the pile.  Our family sold a house and a lot of our possessions, moved to a two-bedroom apartment for 3 months.  Then moved the whole family including our two four legged members half way around the world at holiday time. Crazy!  

At the end of the year I like to have a look at what I have done, since by the end of year I forget how much I have actually accomplished in the year. 

12 Completed Quilts - Including the Southern Cross Quilt that I deigned. 

3 Small Finished Quilts - One my own design for the Michael Miller Challenge

6 Unfinished Quilt Tops - 

5 Commission Projects - Everything my own designs accept the Two Zipper Hipster. 

17 Various kinds of bags - Including a Canvas Briefcase that I designed myself.

6 Random Projects - 

I love reminiscing about all the projects I have done over the past twelve months and can't wait till my sewing room arrives in Australia in February so I can get back to sewing. 

So much has happened throughout the past year and I can’t wait for the New Year to begin.  My family is starting a new life in Brisbane and is really enjoying our new home.        I hope I can make some sewing friends in my new town.  

Here is to a wonderful new year and the adventure of 2015. 


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  1. You've had an amazing year of projects- thanks for letting us enjoy them with you! Can't wait to see what happens when your sewing room arrives and all of your pent up creativity is unleashed!