31 January 2015

EQ7 Block Challenge - Moda Fresh Cut

Beginning of January Electric Quilt announced a block design challenge for EQ7 users using Moda's newest fabric line called Fresh Cut by Basic Grey.  I had only started to play with the software that I got before we moved overseas.  So I used this challenge to get myself in gear. I did purchase two of the learning books along with my software so I did a couple of lessons and then went to town playing around.  

Here is what I came up with on the first go, block A. 

Then I saved that block and made a copy and altered it, block B. This block is my entry into the challenge since you can only enter one design.  

I did not stop there I came up with some super complicated blocks just for the fun of it. I call them WOW blocks.  I used the serendipity function to play with my original block.  I think this would be really awesome as a whole quilt not queen size or anything but maybe something to hang on the wall.  

This next one is the same as above just I coloured it with solids to see how dramatic it could be.  I really want to turn this into a quilt for my studio, thinking 48" x 48" could be a good size for this to make the many pieces manageable. 

 I still have a long way to go to figuring out all the features of the EQ7 software but I hope it will be able to help me create some of my very own original quilts.  

Thank you for stopping by and visiting.  Sorry I have not posted much lately but I am still waiting for my sewing room to be delivered which hopefully will happen in February as the container is actually in Sydney.  Just waiting on customs and the freight forwarders to organise delivery up to Brisbane. This is taking way to long.  

Have a great weekend. 


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