14 January 2015

Quilting and Sewing Goals for 2015

This is year is going to be a year of many changes both for me and my family.  I am going back into the work force full time.  This is both exciting and nerve racking at the same time.  I have not worked in a office in over 4 years.   This is going to mean no more all day sewing sessions which I am going to miss so much.  The boys will be starting their new school in a little over a week so they will have to get use to uniforms and a new school.  My husband will hopefully hear on the jobs he has applied for in the next month and start the next chapter in his career. I am so excited for what the new year will bring for us.  

So 2015 it will be so important to me to not let my sewing fall to the side.  I will make time for it as I need it.  I need to create and build my skills as it makes me very happy.  My long arm machine has been packed away since August 2014 and I can say as soon as the shipment arrives in a few weeks it will be the first thing I unpack.  I know the kids can't wait for the TV to arrive but me I am most excited for my sewing room to arrive.  

I belong to a Quilty Bloggers group and Angie at Gnome Angel has given us prompts this month to help us with our blog writing.  I want to thank Angie for this as I find I often am not sure what to write about.  One of the prompts for this month is our goals for the year.  Now I already keep a list each year, as I am a list person (love list).  Helps me remember what I need to do and it feels good when I can cross things off.  My list for the year might be a bit ambitious since I will be working full time.  But I think it will also make me make better use of my time since I know I will have such a limited time to dedicate to my quilting.  

My list is organised into five categories. 1) to be quilted, 2) projects started, 3) Craftsy Classes, 4) Projects with fabric allocated, 5) Misc. Quilting Goals

Tops to Quilt - 
  1. Modern Morocco (top&back)
  2. Resonance Top (top&back)
  3. Globetrotter (top) - Finish Along QTR 1 Goal
  4. Forest BOM (top&back)
  5. Watkins Star (top)  —  Finish Along QTR 1 Goal
  6. High Tea (top)
  7. Faster Fourteen (top)
  8. 2013 Lucky Stars BOM (top)
  9. Supernova (top)
  10. Pink, Brown, Cream QAG (never blogged about this quilt, found it in my stash, from 2010)
Projects Started - 
  1. 2014 Lucky Stars BOM
  2. Ruby Red Dots BOM
  3. Girl in the Wind
Craftsy Quilting Classes -  
  1. Dot to Dot Quilting
  2. New Look at Longarm quilting
  3. Machine Quilting Negative Space
  4. Pattern Free Quiltmaking
  5. Designing Modern Quilts
  6. Machine Quilting with Templates
  7. Quilt as you go Patchwork bags
  8. Creative Longarm Quilting 
Projects with Fabric Allocated - 
  1. Rapid City
  2. Valentine
  3. Itty Bitty Pinwheels
  4. Itty Bitty Feathered Star
  5. Robots - have backing fabric too
  6. Dr. Suesus
  7. Count down to Christmas
  8. Ghastly wonky blocks
  9. Prim Hexies 
  10. Adoring Christmas - possible HST pattern like trip around world?
  11. Winterberry Lane
  12. Michael Miller Challenge Quilt that I sketched but did not get time to finish  
Misc Quilting Goals - 
  1. Work on a Quilt Design a Day Challenge - to improve EQ7 skills and knowledge
  2. Gypsy Wife Quilt with Lori Hartman @Lori H Designs.  (March/April Start)
  3. Celestial star quilt
  4. Girlfriend wallet
  5. QAYG totes
  6. Use new rulers curve, hex & side kick
  7. Longarm Quilting Skills - practice, practice, practice

I know my list will change here and there through out the year.  There are always new things that just won't get out of your head and you just have to make.  Or new quilting classes that interest me or the fact when I unpack my sewing room I will find projects that I forgot about.  This is such a crazy list for me and I am not sure how I will complete it all but I think I will at least get half completed.   

I think I will check back in every quarter to give an update to how I am going on my list.  

Thank you for stopping by and visiting. 


P.S.  In other really exciting news. I will be going to my first Brisbane Modern Quilt Guild meeting this Sunday.  Can't wait to make some local quilting friends.   I only have EPP to bring along but I am sure I will spend more time talking and admiring everyones work then sewing ;)  Can you believe they meet 5 minutes from my house, must be fate. 


  1. That's a lofty set of goals considering your work schedule and family! But it's so good to have it written down, isn't it? Clears the mind for other things. Enjoy your meeting with the new guild!

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  3. Good luck with all the changes in your life. I like how you categorized your 2015 projects. I'm still working on my list.

  4. Good on you for making your list public. When I wrote my list I found it reinforced that fact that I don't need any more new projects for quite some time. Although new things are always tempting, it's also good to use some of those things that I've already purchased.

    I hope your kids settle into school, you enjoy your new job, and your husband finds work quickly.

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