13 April 2015

Finish Along 2015 - Quarter 2: Lets set some goals

I am back, well sort of.  With a rough start to the year behind me, it took way to long for my sewing room to catch up to me in Australia.  I feel I am finally back to sewing, well at least starting to get back.  So much will be different this year as I am now working full time but I feel like that only makes me what to quilt more.  I still have a very long goal list and am trying to figure out what I want to do with my passion for quilting. 

I did set goals for the Finish Along Quarter 1 but sadly I did not reach them but I will just have to try harder. 

For my quarterly goals I think I am going to stick to finishing the back log of un-quilted.   

Goal 1 - Watkins Star 
Was on my first quarter list but did not finish.  It is now quilted just need to do the binding. 

Goal 2 - Globetrotter 
This was from Pat Salon's quilt along last year. I will have to create a back for this. 

Goal 3 - Resonance
Pattern I tested for Pile O' Fabric, so many curves.  For some reason it has been on my mind lately and I have been playing around with how to quilt it. I am thinking some straight line quilting with this one.  I have a matching backing made for this one. 

Goal 4 -  Supernova
This one I am not 100% in love with but I have some ideas to change that.  It is just missing something that I can not put my finger on.  Still need to come up with a back for this quilt.

Well I think that will be a good list for the next quarter at least something to aim for.  

Thanks for stopping by. 



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