19 August 2015

A Few DIY Projects for My Sewing Space

I am back at home full time after six months of working and I have finally finished unpacking my sewing room and putting everything away.  Now that I am back to having more time for sewing a few things were not really working for me.

One was the small ironing board sitting on the return on my sewing desk.

I would hit it when I was sewing and it did not really have a lot of surface space.  So a quick trip to the hardware store to pick up a piece of MDF board and I created my own ironing board.  I love this one so much better since it is much harder surface and no more hitting it off the table.

Remember my sewing studio back in the states I had a 8 foot high by 12" foot wide design wall.  It was so nice, I miss it so much. 

Currently I have just been using my Fons and Porter portable design wall; it is OK but not as big as I like.  So I have been thinking of ways to have a bigger design wall but something that is easy to move since we are in a rental.   Oh and did I mention I also don't have a car or truck so getting huge sheets of insulation board like in the states is not an option. (Not even sure it is sold here to be honest)

Well we rented a compact car for a few weeks and I decided to go to Reverse Garbage in Brisbane to see if they would have anything that I could use to make a design wall.  Reverse Garbage is a treasure trove of manufacturing by products and all sorts of things that people were just going to through out.  My main requirement was that I needed something that I would be able to put pins in and the closest I could come up with is these plastic event posters.

At $4 each they were bargain.  I used cloth tape to be able to attach four together into a strip.  I taped both sides to provide a more stable surface. I brought light grey flannel with me when we moved so I was able to wrap the board with the flannel and secure the edges to the back to hold it all together.  Now I have a floor to ceiling design wall. 

I should of  got four more so I could do another strip but for now I am very happy.  I can poke a pin into these sheets just they have to be thick.  I have bent so many pins.

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