28 September 2015

Globetrotter Quilt Complete

I am slowly stitching away at my unfinished tops. My latest finish is my Globetrotter quilt.  Originally blogged about here.  I also heavily Instagramed this quilt (sorry).  This quilt is was started back in 2014.  The blocks are from Pat Sloan's block of the month called Globetrotter.  I have added some flying geese myself and changed up the boarder a bit to make it my own. 

This quilt is approximately 57" square. I quilted it on my Juki TL-2200QVP using Glide and Prema Soft thread.   This quilt has two layers of batting 100% cotton and 50/50 both from Warm and Natural.  The quilting is free motion and ruler work. 

When it comes time to quilt tops this is when the stress starts.  I put so much pressure on myself to make it shine. I think I would cry if I ruined a quilt, even if it is just mine.  I know that it is not necessary since the tops are generally only for my family.  I do dream of one day to quilt for others, not sure if it ever will happen but I think dreaming is good.   

I thought I would share a bit about my approach to quilting. I start by printing a black and white photo of my quilt top. Then I take a piece of tracing paper or parchment paper what ever I have on hand and lay over top of the quilt.  Then I start doodling the first thing that comes to mind.  I find that the tracing paper/ parchment paper is much easier to erase then just drawing on the print out.  I originally was going to do swirls and dots in the outside boarder but it really did not seem to suit this quilt.  I try to go for designs that I can repeat through out the whole quilt as it feel that it helps tie everything together.

My four corner blocks and geese blocks are the same so I only had to come up with one design for each block and repeat on the others. I used three colours of thread for this quilt; white, dark grey and red.  I did a lot of straight lines with this top but I think that is what the blocks called for.  I did throw in a few curves to living it up a bit.  I think it makes a few of the blocks look a bit more like flowers.  Which I really like. 

I also use my rough plan for writing notes, some areas I will do in chunks and want to remember what I did the first time.  

Here are closeups of the individual blocks. Get ready for photo overload. 

I also designed a back that feel goes perfectly with the front I think.  Used the left over fabric from the front to create this. 

I really love how this quilt has turned out and it makes me very excited to load the next one.  

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  1. You must have a longarm if you *took it off the frame*. It is absolutely gorgeous. I am not much good with the quilting part. for now, straight line quilting is my friend. I love your quilt!