12 September 2015

Ikea Poang Chair Recover

I have been all over the board this week with sewing.  I have my Globetrotter quilt still on the frame not completed.  I have a couple small tops finished but I will have to save them for another post once I get some good pictures. Today I thought I would share my quick makeover for some Poang chairs from Ikea.  Yes, they are that boring. 

These chairs have gotten very dirty in the short nine months that we have been in Australia.  Boys are not the cleanest.  The product label says the covers are removable and washable. Did that and they did not wash up really that nice, not to mention it was a pain to wrestle them back onto the pads.  

Well fabric in Australia is costly so I decided to pick up a quilt cover at Ikea and went about making slip covers that are much easier to remove so they can be laundered on a more regular bases.  First I washed the quilt cover and pillow cases that comes with them.  Then I un-sewed the factory seams and then folded that fabric in half.  On the fold line I cut to get my two chair covers.  

I then folded one of the fabrics over and laid it on top of the chair pad like this. 

See there is plenty of overhang.  I made sure the fabric was touching the ground to be sure to cover with out being to snug.  The one said had about 4 inches of extra fabric and I thin the bottom had about 12 inches but can't remember for sure.  I played it on a flat surface and cut of the excess.   I sewed all the sides even the one on the fold just to make sure all my corners look the same.  I serged all the edges to give extra support to the seams and hopefully it will not unravel in the wash.  To be able to turn right side out I measured 21 inches up from the bottom and cut a slit in the fabric all the way across.  I double folded the edges of this opening and sewed to hide all the exposed seams. Turned it right side out and was able to slip my covers back on the cushions.  

This was such an easy project but I think they removed the blah factor the chairs had before. My husband said they are loud just because he just wanted a solid colour. (boring)

I also cut the pillow cases down that came with them to fit the pillows on the sofa.  This project cost $20 so I figured that is a win since new covers at Ikea cost $70 each. 

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