01 January 2016

Well Hello 2016

Happy New Year Everyone.  

It sure does seem like time is flying but maybe that is because life is good.  We have officially been back in Australia for one year and we see many more to come.  We really love living here and we see it as our home.  The boys seem to have settled in and are looking forward to school commencing at the end of the month (so am I).

Last year I did a post about my quilting goals for the year.  This is how it looks now.  I did add to this list through out the year but I did not update the original list.

Tops to Quilt - 
  1. Modern Morocco (top&back) - COMPLETE
  2. Resonance Top (top&back) - COMPLETE
  3. Globetrotter (top) - COMPLETE
  4. Forest BOM (top&back)
  5. Watkins Star (top)  —  COMPLETE
  6. High Tea (top)
  7. Faster Fourteen (top)
  8. 2013 Lucky Stars BOM (top)
  9. Supernova (top)
  10. Pink, Brown, Cream QAG (never blogged about this quilt, found it in my stash, from 2010)
Projects Started - 
  1. 2014 Lucky Stars BOM
  2. Ruby Red Dots BOM - COMPLETE
  3. Girl in the Wind
Craftsy Quilting Classes -  
  1. Dot to Dot Quilting
  2. New Look at Longarm quilting
  3. Machine Quilting Negative Space
  4. Pattern Free Quilt making
  5. Designing Modern Quilts
  6. Machine Quilting with Templates
  7. Quilt as you go Patchwork bags
  8. Creative Longarm Quilting 
Projects with Fabric Allocated - 
  1. Rapid City
  2. Valentine
  3. Itty Bitty Pinwheels - TOP COMPLETE
  4. Itty Bitty Feathered Star - TOP COMPLETE
  5. Robots - have backing fabric too
  6. Dr. Suesus - TOP COMPLETE
  7. Count down to Christmas - TOP COMPLETE
  8. Ghastly wonky blocks
  9. Prim Hexies 
  10. Adoring Christmas - possible HST pattern like trip around world?
  11. Winterberry Lane
  12. Michael Miller Challenge Quilt that I sketched but did not get time to finish  
Misc Quilting Goals - 
  1. Work on a Quilt Design a Day Challenge - to improve EQ7 skills and knowledge
  2. Gypsy Wife Quilt with Lori Hartman @Lori H Designs.  (March/April Start)
  3. Celestial star quilt
  4. Girlfriend wallet
  5. QAYG totes
  6. Use new rulers curve, hex & side kick - USED
  7. Longarm Quilting Skills - practice, practice, practice

I want 2016 to be different, so no list of goals this year.  Oh, I will still have my running list of projects (that is just who I am) plus I am determined to complete them but I really want my focus to be on quilting and learning.  I really want to quilt for others but custom work is not what most are willing to pay for. So I hope that I will find my own niche and be able to fulfill my creative needs and be able to help others finish their quilts.  I am working on how to but myself out there.  This feels like such a big thing and I am not even sure it will result in anything but I guess if I don't try I will never know.  

I also will be opening my Etsy shop back up and see if I can maybe sell a few items that I have created.  I hate them being stowed away, I would love to have them in new homes being used and loved. Plus I want to make more things to sell, mostly because I love making but really I don't have the use for so many totes,pouches, table runners, etc.  But I am hoping that they will be things others will want to buy for themselves or for gifts. 

Last year I also took a break from online quilt alongs but I am missing it a bit and think I will join in a few if I can find some I like. I like the monthly goal of getting something done and sharing it with others.  I have joined the do.Good Stitches (Australia group) and am looking forward to stitching up some blocks to go into charity quilts around Australia.  

I also am helping host a Tula Pink and Jaybird Quilts Mini Swap over on Instagram (#tula_jaybirdquilts_miniswap) sign ups were back in December with my friends Kelly @thequiltmachine and Jess@scrappynhappy. It has been a great learning experience. I really tip my hat to those who have hosted many swaps it is no small task but I think my administration skills have been able to come in handy and help make it go so much smoother then I ever thought they would. 

Wishing you all a happy and relaxing 2016. 

Thank you for stopping by and visiting. 



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  1. WOW that is a great list, with lots of items marked as complete :)
    good luck with re-opening your Etsy shop :)