29 March 2016

Zodiac BOM - Aquarius

I joined one block of the month this year and I am already behind.  The Zodiac BOM is by Diane with From Blank Pages.  The patterns are paper pieced and Diane's patterns are very detailed and clear.  She provides pages and cutting templates. She also provides for three sizes of block 9", 12" and 18".  I am going with the 18" block for my Zodiac Quilt. 

For my fabric selection I am using Kona Buttercup, Kona White, Kona Ash, Kona Punch, Kona Breakers, Bella Graphite, Kona Charcoal, Cotton Couture Shell, Cotton Couture Clay, and Cotton Couture Creamsicle.

I actually coloured the main colouring page for the whole quilt to make sure my plan in my head was going to work. 

I have never used templates but I gave it a try but they just do not work for me. I find that I need just a bit more wiggle room for placement.  I did cut the fabric out in rectangle and squares to the size that I needed.  That does speed up the process to have pieces cut out and labelled. 

Some of my pieces are not totally lined up. Maybe it was my setting on my printer so I think I will redo this block to see if I could get it lined up a bit more. Could be the cause of the templates not working out.  Almost got February's block pieced but of course I am behind. 

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27 March 2016

A Internet Swap

This year I have participated in my very first online swap and to top it off I actually was one of the swap host too.  It sure is a undertaking hosting a swap with so much to keep track of but we managed and if I do say so myself I think it went splendidly.  I was paired with a lovely lady in Texas USA.  The swap was for using only Tula Pink fabric paired with solids and only Jaybird Quilts Patterns. This is the mini that I created for my partner, I used one of the blocks from Daybreak. 

I forgot to measure it but I think it is 13" point to point, a great mini size.  Here is a close up view of the quilting. I am very happy with how it turned out. 

And this was the back,  even remembered to put hanging tabs and a label. 

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08 March 2016

Free Motion Quilting Play Time

I was able to finally get my hands on some Press n Seal (thankfully to Costco).  I saw on Pinterest how this stuff was being used with quilting. So I wanted to give it a try.  I traced my new blog header on the Press n Seal with a ink pen.  This worked better then the quilters tracing paper. It stayed in place and the ink did not get stuck under the stitches. When I used the tracking paper the pencil I used got stuck under the stitches and did not come all they way out in the wash. 

This is the result. 

It is not perfect, one of my 'o' looks a bit more like an 'a' so I will have to try again.   I free motioned around my blog name just to be able to play.  This piece is just 11" x 11".  

Have you seen the cute Pixie Basket tutorial from Heidi from Fabric Mutt? These are seriously cute. I had to make two just for good measure. Just used scraps. 
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04 March 2016

Poolside Tote and Other Projects

Here is what I have been up to since I last blogged...

I made Noodlehead Poolside Tote for a gift for a friends birthday.  I reduced the pattern to 75%. I love how it turned out. I love bags made with Essex Linen the texture is wonderful. The facing was a bit tricky but mostly because I have never done facing. 

I finally am getting a few of my long standing UFOs completed.  

I quilted and bound the Dr. Seuss themed Bouncing Borders Quilt.  

I was just trying my hand at not being so heavy with the quilting and I think I achieved that.  I did lower case cursive letters in the main panel portion of the quilt.  A little hard to see in the photo.  This finished up at 38" x 47".

I finished up a Pink and Chocolate quilt that I started way back in 2010.  I free handed the blocks with a heart surrounded with clouds.  This one finishes up at 47" x 53". 

I completed my little mini feathered star.  I pieced this back at a retreat in December.  So many tiny pieces.  This finishes 11" square.  It is really hard to see the quilting but the black boarder has pebbles and straight stitching. I stitched in the ditch around the star. 

I also finished the paper piece penguin by Janeen at Quilt Art Designs, he is so cute.   I love the little hearts that I quilted into his tummy.  Cuteness overload. This is 17 1/4" square. 

I tried my hand at quilt as you go on the long arm.  It was fun.  I turned the project into pot holders. Can you believe I did not have pot holders? crazy.  I used a layer of Insult-bright by Warm and Natural and scrap cotton batting. I machine stitched the binding on and it only reaffirmed my dislike for machine sewing binding on. I am not good at it but this are only pot holders so I will serve the purpose. They are roughly 7" each. 

Really surprised how much I have achieved, sorry for such a long post.  Sometimes it feels like I have more Netflix hours logged then sewing hours but guess I am better at multi tasking then I thought. :)

Thank you for stopping by and visiting.