29 March 2016

Zodiac BOM - Aquarius

I joined one block of the month this year and I am already behind.  The Zodiac BOM is by Diane with From Blank Pages.  The patterns are paper pieced and Diane's patterns are very detailed and clear.  She provides pages and cutting templates. She also provides for three sizes of block 9", 12" and 18".  I am going with the 18" block for my Zodiac Quilt. 

For my fabric selection I am using Kona Buttercup, Kona White, Kona Ash, Kona Punch, Kona Breakers, Bella Graphite, Kona Charcoal, Cotton Couture Shell, Cotton Couture Clay, and Cotton Couture Creamsicle.

I actually coloured the main colouring page for the whole quilt to make sure my plan in my head was going to work. 

I have never used templates but I gave it a try but they just do not work for me. I find that I need just a bit more wiggle room for placement.  I did cut the fabric out in rectangle and squares to the size that I needed.  That does speed up the process to have pieces cut out and labelled. 

Some of my pieces are not totally lined up. Maybe it was my setting on my printer so I think I will redo this block to see if I could get it lined up a bit more. Could be the cause of the templates not working out.  Almost got February's block pieced but of course I am behind. 

Thank you for stopping by. 


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