10 July 2016

Countdown to Christmas Quilt Complete

I finished another quilt this week.  This is one of only two kits I have ever purchased but I love the fabric.  Funny enough the other kit is a christmas quilt too.  I pieced this back in December and finally had a chance to quilt and bind it this month.  

I did very simple quilting on this one which is a first for me.  Overlapping peaks in the middle section, cute row of presents in the black boarder and free hand trees in the outer boarder.  

I also made myself a Girlfriend Wallet. 

I picked up a glass water bottle this week and wanted to make a sleeve for it just in case I drop it.  Don't want to spend hours picking glass up.  I have been keeping some of my little practice quilting pieces and they were perfect for constructing a sleeve to protect the bottle. Such an easy project. 

Thank you for stopping by and visiting. 


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