19 October 2016

Stitches are still flowing.

Wow I am so slack.  I just realised that I have not blogged for a while (over a month).  Instagram is just so easy to share on and I am not good with words.  

In July I participated in the Crosscut Quilt Along by Debbie @A Quilter's Table. Then I went and decided it would make a great gift for my friend Heather. So I was not able to share till it was gifted.  It is so hard for me not to share my projects. Debbie's tutorial is awesome and the results are so striking and unique. 

In August I made this little improv piece for my friend.  I think this might be my first project that is all solid fabric. I used Essex linen for the background and really love it. It is so bright and cherry. 

I love when I can load a small project on the long arm. I like to load a big piece of backing so I can also get a few of my other small projects quilted. Last month I managed to get four of them done. 

Last month we had a school holiday and this always seems like a good time to sort and take care of my scraps. But that usually results in me making a few randoms. The orange and grey one I am not 100% in love with but maybe I will just add more to it and it will become better. Maybe. 

This one was a block that I just did not love so I sliced it back up and came up with this little mini. 

I finished piecing two quilts over the last few months. The first one was my 2014 Lucky Stars Block of the month.  It is my layout and is really big that I could not find a good way to get a full shot of it except for laying it on the dirty driveway.  I even used the extra fabric to make a pieced back.  

The second quilt that I pieced was my modern disappearing 9-patch quilt I started back at the beginning of August when I was on retreat.  It's a Christmas quilt but I love that it is not the traditional green and red. My friends say it reminds them of black opals. 

August I completed my first customer quilt. All custom work. I was so nervous but I think it turned out beautifully when I relaxed a bit. 

I have been working on a quilt for Mister 13 and finally came up with a design.  Pulled the fabric and just need to work how to pull it all together. It is a bit cheeky but we have a weird sense of humour so I love it. 

I will be piecing the letters. I was going to do improv but I think it will take me to long. So I will be using paper piece letters from Diane @From Blank Pages.  I printed off a few letters to practise and they are so easy to put together. 

The word 'HUMAN" has been on my mind a lot lately. It seems to be a word that so many are forgetting especially with an election in the USA.  So many unnecessary labels are being used. We all have the same basic needs and most of all we want to be heard and not pandered too.  Till we think of everyone as human not as a colour, religion or where we are born nothing will change.  I have a bit of a project idea to use this simple word but not sure it will come to fruition. 

Thank you so much for stopping by and visiting.