27 June 2017

FAL Quarter 2: Finishes

I only managed to get one of five of my goals finished this quarter. Going back to work has really taking up my sewing time plus having my long arm machine broken does not help get the tops quilted. 

This was my one finish. 

This is a great pattern by Dog Under my Desk called 2 Zip Hipster. The pattern is very detailed instructions and easy to make guess that is why this one makes number four and number 5 is already cut out and just waiting to be assembled. 

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01 June 2017

Five months in

I went back to full time work this month so there is not much sewing but I am still plugging away at works in progress. My long arm is still in the shop waiting for a part to be organised to fix it so I have not been able to get any of my quilt tops finished. Just keep adding to the pile.

Since my sewing time is limited now I always seem to have improv scrappy projects on the go.  These projects are great when you don't have much time. I never know where these pieces are going to go I just stitch till I feel they are done. 

My design wall is full again. I am still working away at my Girl in the Wind paper piece quilt.  The last few blocks have lots of pieces so it is taking a lot of time. 

I am still working on getting my scraps under control what better way then to make quilts.  I have this  half log cabin block quilt almost done. 

The other scrap quilt I am working on is my own design. I lots polka dots and had a bunch of 5" squares that was for another project that I can't seem to remember what it was so I came up with a new plan to use them.  I think I will have enough for two quilts since I seem to have gotten my math wrong but no drama I will just make another quilt. 

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29 May 2017

Charity do. Good Stitches Blocks - June & July

For over the past year I have been involved in a Charity sewing bee called do.Good Stitches that started in America by Rachel @Stitched in Color and has spread around the world.  I am part of the Cherish group her in Australia.  The group has about ten members and each month one of the designated quilters picks a block for the rest of the group to make and send to them.  Then the quilter assembles the tops, quilts and binds to donate to a local charity.  Last year I was just a stitcher but I put my hand up this year to also be a quilter.  Hopefully my machine will be back up in running by the time all the blocks come in.   Fingers crossed.

I thought I would share the tutorials with all of you in case you had some scraps piling up just begging to be made into a quilt. 

For June I selected the Star Flower Block by McCalls but remixed it to be done with squares and I worked out the square sizes to be able to do multiple sizes for one quilt.  I think it will be a fun scrappy quilt and the different sizes will provide a lot of interest to the top.  
You can get your copy of the tutorial here.  

Here is two of the blocks I made so far. 

For July we are going to be doing  a log cabin style block, not sure if it has a proper name.  I am looking for roughly 16 1/2" blocks and I will cut each block into fours and mix them around to form a quilt top. PDF Tutorial  

Here are two blocks that I already made. 

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27 April 2017

Then it was end of April!

I seem to be loosing track of the days, hard to believe that it is already the end of April. I have managed to take a small holiday to Tasmania for school holidays. Which was so lovely, I would go back in a heart beat. 

Quilty life has been ticking along. Still waiting for my long arm to be fixed but I am still creating. I finished testing this quilt pattern and editing the instructions for Crafty Ma Quilts. Love how this turned out. It uses the mini quick curve ruler. 

Since I don't like to throw scraps away I created this little improv piece. It is so relaxing to just sit and stitch with no real plan. 

I made myself a new Girlfriend Wallet. Yes, I know the bunnies are upside down but does not make me love it any less. Directional fabric is such a pain. 

Another pattern edit and test for Crafty Ma Quilts.  I went for a little different colour palette but I think it worked out great. 

Whipped up a couple of easy drawstring bags for the boys. So easy. 

Also managed to make myself a new bag, only cut it out at the beginning of the year. It is a two zip hipster bag from Dog Under My Desk.  It is a great pattern. I have two more cut out ready for stitching up. 

My lovely friend gave me a bag of her scraps and I created these two small pieces. Can't wait till I can quilt these up. 

I also took another quilt off the design wall. Zodiac Block of the Month.  This really turned out great. Now to plan how I will quilt this one up. 

Now that the design wall is cleared off it has not taken long for me to fill it back up. I pulled out a WIP art quilt.  This is a pattern by Quilt Art Designs and I started it a few years ago and am so excited to be able to get back to it. So many pieces but I think it will be awesome in the end. 

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07 April 2017

Finish-A-Long 2017 Q2 Projects

Can you believe quarter one is wrapping up all ready? Crazy.  I managed to complete three of my four goals from first quarterpink/blue improv, faster fourteen and snippets improv.   I would of completed the fourth quilt but I broke my long arm.  Still not fixed but hopefully soon it will be back up and running.

My goals for quarter two will be as follows:

1) High Tea carried over from Q1 since it is still partially loaded on the long arm still. Hopefully my machine will be back up in running by mid April. 

2) Complete two Two Zip Hipster bags by Dog Under My Desk. I cut them out in February and they have just been waiting.

3) Spider Text Quilt - This one is for Master 13 and he keeps asking so hopefully the next three months will see this completed. 

4) Vera Slouch Bag - Trying to work my way through patterns that I have purchased. Pulled this fabric a few months ago to give this Vera Slouch Bag pattern a go. 

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01 March 2017

Faster fourteen finish along Q1 goal complete and other sewing.

Wow, this month has been full of finishes for me. Helps that I have had a back log of quilt tops. ;) 

This quilt is called Faster Fourteen by Sam Hunter. I tested this way back in 2014 and blogged about it here.  This was one of my first quarter goals for this year so it is nice to check it off the list. 

I did overlapping random squares for the quilting. It measures 48" x 60".  This one is off to charity too. This makes three of my four goals finished for this quarter. 

This past weekend I was able to escape away on quilting retreat. I was the most relaxing time I have had in a long while. We stayed at Glenrose Patchwork in Warwick and I have to say it is hands down one of the best retreats I have been too.  

While packing projects to go away for the weekend. I whipped up a mini iron pad to go with my iron iron. The giraffes are so cute!  I used three layers of scrap batting and my last scrap of insul-bright.  

At retreat I used some scrap flannel to make snuggle hearts for the NIC units at the local hospital.  I might whip up a few more before I wash these up and post them. 

Most of my weekend was finishing up my quilt for my oldest son. Piecing diamonds is so time consuming.  I am really happy with how it turned out and can't wait to load it on the frame to quilt. 

In between piecing the word quilt I made these little minis from scraps from my friends projects.  These will be fun to quilt up on the side of my big quilts.  It is nice to make some easy pieces. 

I also managed to piece up the last eight blocks for the quilting pattern I was testing. Should have that pieced this week if all goes well. 

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28 February 2017

Pink and Blue Improv Finish along q1 goal complete

I am so excited that I am so close to finishing off all my first quarter goals. This one turned out roughly 54" square. I did random all over zig zag quilting on this one. The quilting does not really show up in the pictures. 

This quilt was made entirely from my scrap bin. Yeah scraps!

This one is destining to go to charity. I hope it makes someone happy as I love how this turned out. 

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18 February 2017

some recent finishes

Wow, it has been a busy couple of weeks.  I am editing and testing patterns for others plus trying to work my way through all my works in progress. Then throw in some awesome thrift shopping and I can see how time gets away from me. 

I picked up a baby changing table at the op shop and converted it into an awesome cutting table. No more aching back.

I completed three mini quilts that have been sitting around for a while, one I turned into a pillow for my sewing chair. Love quick projects.

I even managed to get one of my first quarter finish along goals completed. 

I used some scraps from a pattern test and created this great Tula improv piece. So bright.

I pulled this pair of sleeping pants that I made last year from the back of the closet, as they got stuffed to the back since they turned out to small but I just could not toss them out as I love the IKEA print.  Good thing I did that as now I fit into them.  Even got to remove my attempt to make them fit. What a happy dance for sure. :) 

I got the best Valentines gift for a quilter. A new sewing machine. So fast and great stitches.

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22 January 2017

Making Progress

This week I have been making progress on my word quilt.  Hope to start piecing the top this week.  Only 11 more letters to do.  

I am half way done with my first customer quilt of the year. The quilting is hard to see in the picture but I will try for a better picture when it is finished. 

I ended up adding onto my Dove in the daylight quilt.  It is a nice 47" now. Another to add to the quilting pile. 

I have been a bit distracted this week too or maybe that is every week but my husband finally upgraded my technology. Setting everything back up is such a pain.  I have been playing with new apps and seeing what ones I could incorporate into my quilting.  I think I might of found a keeper.  I made these designs in an app called Assembly.  I think they could make interesting quilts and great little break from the sewing machine from time to time. 

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15 January 2017

Busy Week

This week has been lots of starts but no finishes but that is ok. Half the battle is starting sometimes.  I think showing more then just the finished product is important to the process of being creative. 

I have started on a new quit for my oldest son. This involves 49 paper piece letters so it is taking a bit of time plus I had to down size my original pattern as I made it some crazy size that I would not be able to load on my long arm. 

I really love how it is looking. The final phrase will be "When you fall asleep spiders rub their willies on you".  Perfect for a 13 year old boy for sure. He laughs every time he walks past the design wall.  Still need to find a paper piece spider to add but plenty of time for that. 

While cutting fabric for this quilt there are lots of little triangle bits left over so some of these fabrics will show up in a few other quilts. Here is one of the quilts that I am doing just from some triangles that I ended up with.  It will be fun coming up with a quilting design for this. 

I also managed to whip up my January do. Good Stitches blocks before the end of the month for a change.  Nice easy block and loving the black and white. 

I took some of my 5" squares that I cut up from the scrap bin and made a giant Doves in Daylight block.  My block is 30 1/2".  I am so in love with how this turned out. I am going to add to so it finishes up at a good size a baby quilt. Hopefully will be for sale in my shop in the next few months.

To finish the week off I finally got a start on my customer quilt.  Such a pretty quilt hope my quilting adds to it. The quilting is really hard to see since I am using white thread but I do believe it will turn into beautiful texture once it is finished and washed. 

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