15 January 2017

Busy Week

This week has been lots of starts but no finishes but that is ok. Half the battle is starting sometimes.  I think showing more then just the finished product is important to the process of being creative. 

I have started on a new quit for my oldest son. This involves 49 paper piece letters so it is taking a bit of time plus I had to down size my original pattern as I made it some crazy size that I would not be able to load on my long arm. 

I really love how it is looking. The final phrase will be "When you fall asleep spiders rub their willies on you".  Perfect for a 13 year old boy for sure. He laughs every time he walks past the design wall.  Still need to find a paper piece spider to add but plenty of time for that. 

While cutting fabric for this quilt there are lots of little triangle bits left over so some of these fabrics will show up in a few other quilts. Here is one of the quilts that I am doing just from some triangles that I ended up with.  It will be fun coming up with a quilting design for this. 

I also managed to whip up my January do. Good Stitches blocks before the end of the month for a change.  Nice easy block and loving the black and white. 

I took some of my 5" squares that I cut up from the scrap bin and made a giant Doves in Daylight block.  My block is 30 1/2".  I am so in love with how this turned out. I am going to add to so it finishes up at a good size a baby quilt. Hopefully will be for sale in my shop in the next few months.

To finish the week off I finally got a start on my customer quilt.  Such a pretty quilt hope my quilting adds to it. The quilting is really hard to see since I am using white thread but I do believe it will turn into beautiful texture once it is finished and washed. 

Thanks for stopping by and visiting. 


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  1. I have just had the best laugh ever, that spider quilt is the most original idea ever for a quilt ,your son will love that quilt for a long long time.