08 January 2017

Let's get this year started

2017 is going to be a great year.  I am going to push myself to actually blog more.  I am thinking once a week should be doable. But I guess we will see. My first finish of the year is a thrift shop find makeover. 

I picked up both of these foam foot stools for $8 each, huge bargain. I did do a quick smell check to make sure no one peed on them which is so gross.  I removed the covers and washed them and set the foam cubes out in the sun for a few days.  The zippers broke when I washed the covers so I just cut that portion off.  I wanted to keep the original covers on to be able to protect the foam as it does crumble a bit when handled.  

I stitched the original cover to the foam to hold it in place so my new covers can slip on and if need be they can easily slip off and be washed. 

I used linen from IKEA. I cut squares out a bit bigger then the size of the top of the stool and quilted them free motion.  I wanted the tops to be quilted to add stability to the linen since it is a bit of a loose weave. I piece that I wrapped around the sides I put a hem on the bottom to tidy it up. 

I really like how they turned out. 

Since the kids are on school holidays it always seems to be prime cleaning and organising time. Which is always a great way to start the new year.  Took a boot load of clothes to the op shop last week so I feel like we are starting on the year out right.  This year we did not move so I have a lot of time on my hands. Amazing the time you gain when you are not busy packing everything in boxes. My fabric shelves were looking a bit like disorganised so I tidied up and now it is much better.  



It looks like I used a lot of fabric now. Which is good. I think I have only added around $100 of fabric to my stash last year so it is nice that I am making a dent in my stash. Luckily fabric in Australia is crazy priced so that makes me think twice about all my purchases. 

The new year also has me starting to tame my over flowing scrap bins (again).  The stuff that is to small for my purposes (smaller then 1.5" square) I will be using to fill some floor pillows as everyone likes to lay on the floor to watch TV.  I will be sad to see my scraps go but maybe some orphan scraps will end up on my door again this year. You never know.  You know Abby's Scrap Orphanage never turns a scrap away. :)

I have also gotten a start on cleaning up my scraps since I could not get some of the bins closed. I am cutting some up into squares and strips. I am planning a few scrappy quilts to be able to donate to the local children's hospital for the older kids who find themselves in hospital. 

Speaking of quilts for kids, I finished up a scrappy quilt (first of the year) that I started last year and it happens to be just the right size for the requirements for the hospital. I hope the kids will like it. I think it is interesting and fun. This one will be quilted after I finish a customer quilt. 

In the clean up I also found some Christmas fabric that had fallen behind some other fabric. So I whipped it up into a backing for my Joval Christmas quilt top I finished a few months ago. 

I am really hoping for a year of creating things that make me happy and maybe find my own style and experiment a bit more. 

Thank you for stopping by and visiting. 



  1. Your cabinets for you fabric storage are wonderful. Are they IKEA too? Thank you

  2. a great start to the year :) I haven't set foot in my sewing room yet :( I need to set aside some time - as soon as hubby goes back to work, I can do that LOL

  3. Thank you Janina. Yes they are IKEA Billy Bookcases with glass doors.