03 July 2017

FInish-A-Long Q3 Goals

Finish-A-Long quarter 3 goals. Well my goals might be simple for this quarter just so I can complete them all. There are a few carry overs from last quarter (or two) plus a new project. 

1) Another Two Zip Hipster bag by Dog Under my Desk. Not sure why but just already had it all cut out for over six months so should just finish up.  

2) Vera Slouch Bag by SOTAK Handmade - Trying to work my way through patterns that I have purchased. Pulled this fabric a few months ago to give this Vera Slouch Bag pattern a go. 

3) Cora Handbag by SOTAK Handmade - Thought this would be cute with this cool bunny fabric I picked up from Spotlight. 

Since it is looking like I might have my machine back up and running I am going to through a few quilts on my goal list to at least give myself a push to make some progress on the every growing quilt tops pile. 

4) High Tea by On the Windy Side - carried over from Q1 since it is still partially loaded on the long arm still. 

5) Spider Text Quilt - This one is for Master 14 and he keeps asking so hopefully the next three months will see this completed. 

Well I guess that will do for this quarter.  Happy finishing. 


01 July 2017

Turtle Speed but surprisingly productive

I am still managing to get some sewing in now that I have gone back to work and have to commute two hours a day it is just extremely slow compared to what I have been able to accomplish over the last few years. 

I have managed to piece three tops all using my scraps so that is a big happy dance. Still have lots of scraps to work through but have plenty of inspiration so eventually I should see a dent in them. Right? I might just be dreaming. 

I finally finished this WIP from 2014...Girl in the Wind. It is a paper piece pattern by Quilt Art Designs. Lots of pieces but I love the finished piece and can't wait to quilt this one up, should be fun. 

I am trying my hand at more art quilts. I picked up the book Serendipity Quilts: Cutting Loose Fabric Collage by Susan Carlson. I love her art and wanted to have a go at her techniques, this is the first project in her book. A simple spiral built from snippets of fabric. To think I was just going to through them away; good thing they only made it to my bedroom closet instead of the bin. (so hard to part with fabric)  

The fabric is held in place with a dab of glue and she said you could use tulle over the top to hold it all down to make free motion quilting easier.   I think I need to find more fine tulle as I think it would give a different effect. I stretched it over a second hand canvas that I picked up at the op shop and removed sections of the tulle to reveal snippets of fabric below. 

I also picked up my next art quilt project. A panel printed by Batik Australia.  I really just want it as a guild so I won't be following there instructions.  I also plan to remove the dragonfly and butterfly as to me they seem really out of place.  Plus the big flowers I am going to do more of Waratah's as they seem more Australian and will match the flowers in the back ground. This will be a long term project for sure. I really want to see if I can make a beautiful picture with fabric. Not sure I have the skills but I will give it a good go. I think I will use fusible interfacing on all the fabric pieces so they will stay better in place when I load it on the frame for quilting. 

Thank you for stopping by and visiting.